We Are All Dead Moose, Frozen Mid-Fight in Futile Combat

Brad Webster was just showing a friend around the isolated town of Unalakleet, Alaska when they stumbled on a stark example of just how brutal nature can be — two dead moose, still locked in combat, frozen in ice. Read More >>

That Time GE Made a One Man, Rocket Propelled Reentry Vehicle/Body Bag

The upcoming film Gravity follows the desperate escape attempts of two astronauts from a dying space station, their peril aggravated by the sight of Earth's surface so close but entirely out of reach. Of course, had they been equipped with General Electric's Manned Orbital Operations Safety Equipment, they could have simply hopped a rocket bag down to the planet and saved themselves a whole lot of trouble. Read More >>

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Buzzing a Moose With a Quadcopter Is the Safest Way To Enjoy Nature

Camera-equipped quadcopters are turning out to be a great way to explore places that humans can't be, like Stanford's new concert hall, or shouldn't be, like mere feet from a female moose on her home turf. Read More >>