It’s Time To Talk About Dangerous Stunts On YouTube

It turns out that after you turn 30, life is basically just a series of reminders of how old and past it you are. The Olympics just becomes a parade of people who are younger, fitter and more successful than you. Listening to “new” music becomes discovering another album by that band you like from 2005. And perhaps most weirdly, clicking around YouTube becomes an exercise in radicalising yourself to become Helen Lovejoy of “Won’t somebody please think of the children!” fame. Read More >>

Study Confirms That Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll Really Do Go Together

How many times did you hear your parents yell at you to "turn down that racket" as you blasted songs from your speakers? Turns out, they had a few reasons—a new study has found that kids that spend a lot of time listening to loud music are more likely to smoke weed, binge drink, and have unprotected sex. Lord save them all! Read More >>