Can a Pill Make You More Moral?

It’s a reasonable goal to want everyone on Earth to be more moral. Maybe there’d be less suffering, and people would be happier or more prosperous. But what is morality? Are there any drugs that can make us more moral humans? Are they ready for us to debate about their use? Read More >>

Your Self-Driving Car Will Be Programmed to Kill You—Deal With It

A recent survey shows that people want self-driving cars to be programmed to minimise casualties during an accident, even if it causes the death of the rider. Trouble is, the same survey shows that people don’t actually want to ride in cars that are programmed this way. That’s obviously a problem—and we’re going to have to get over it. Read More >>

Researchers are Using Fairy Tales to Prevent a ‘Psychotic’ Robot Uprising

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology think they’ll be able to stamp out a violent robot uprising by teaching AI moral lessons, through fairy tales. Using a special system called Quixote, they’re essentially treating robots like dogs, offering reward signals for doing well and punishment signals for doing badly. Whether or not a robot actually gives a shit about treats or a belly tickle is an entirely different matter. Read More >>