This Airport Gallery Shows Off Japan’s Terrific Hi-Tech Toilets

You may think toilets aren’t very exciting. That’s where you’re wrong, my friend. Because in Japan, toilets can be self-cleaning wonder-thrones that are energy efficient and even keep your cheeks nice and toasty. Need proof? At one of the the country's major airports Japanese restroom innovation is being shown as part of a fancy exhibit. Read More >>

In Nigeria, Solar-Powered Fridges at Outdoor Markets Save Food From Spoiling

In developing countries, an unbelievable 45 per cent of food goes bad because of a lack of cold storage. It’s an especially big problem during transportation from farms to outdoor markets, where food sits in the scorching sun for hours on end. But one startup has a solution: solar-powered refrigeration stations that could save the livelihoods of half a billion farmers worldwide. Read More >>

These Hero Rats Are Trained to Sniff Out Land Mines and Tuberculosis  

An international NGO trains rodents to find buried bombs and a deadly respiratory disease. Meanwhile, I’ve taught my dog how to carry three tennis balls in his mouth at once. Read More >>

What Does Virtual Reality Feel Like? This Muscle-Stimulating Arm Band Will Show You

VR technology has made huge leaps over the past few years, but one thing that’s sorely lacking is an interface that lets you feel in the virtual world. Now, a startup from the University of Tokyo says it has come up with one of the world’s first video game controller that let you touch in VR. Read More >>

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Here’s How You Move a 400-Tonne, 404-Year-Old Japanese Castle

400: That’s about how many years old Japan’s Hirosaki Castle is. It’s also how many tons it weighs. And yet it was successfully lifted two feet in the air and 230 feet down the road. Read More >>

These Gorgeous YouTube Documentaries About Space Will Put You in Awe of the Universe

Start your week off right, by watching free documentaries about space that will rekindle your appreciation for the universe. Read More >>

This LED Bike Helmet Gives You Working Brake Lights and Turn Signals 

When you ride a bike at night, staying visible is essential. In that respect, this illuminated helmet not only adds lumens to your ride, but gives you some added functionality compared to your average clip-on lights. Read More >>

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This YouTube Channel Takes You Inside a Museum’s Animal Dissection Lab

There’s always a lot going on behind the scenes at museums. For example, in the basement of Chicago’s Field Museum, researchers are skinning, gashing, and ripping apart animal specimens. Then they post it on YouTube for us all to wince at. Read More >>

These Mathematical Scarves are Designed By a Computer Algorithm

It’s still summer, but these mathematical merino scarves designed with a computer algorithm are getting us in the mood for colder temps. And making us wonder if we need to improve our coding skills. Read More >>

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These Four Videos Explain How Technology Can Actually Change Your Brain

BrainCraft is a YouTube channel exclusively devoted to (zombie voice) braiiiins. It explains “through psychology and neuroscience why this fleshy mass makes you act the way you do,” whether that means our compulsive Googling or our love of Tetris. Read More >>

Sorry Ikea, This Robotic Arm Prints Furniture Any Shape or Size I Want

This robot that can spin together 3D-printed furniture could really get your creative juices flowing. And maybe eventually inspire the world to nix sectional sofas once and for all. Read More >>

The Best YouTube Channel for Film Nerds

Okay, you’re reading Gizmodo, so there’s a good chance you’re a tech nerd. But are you a double-whammy tech and film nerd? If so, scope out CineFix, a YouTube channel brimming with videos about the movie world, from CGI to stunts to DIY 8-bit Hollywood remakes. Read More >>

The Best Way to Map Radiation? Bento Boxes Stuffed With Geiger Counters

Back in 2011, a team of volunteers crammed Geiger counters into bento-shaped boxes to map the radiation following the Fukushima meltdown. It turned into the biggest collection of radiation data in history. Next up: tackling air pollution. Read More >>

Car-Parking Tech Could Unearth the Ocean’s Hidden Resources

Sometimes the best ideas come from thinking far, far outside the box. That’s what Nissan and Japan’s marine science agency did with their new deep sea rover. To build it, engineers used the same tech as a park-assisting car, which is now helping to give scientists a 360-degree view of the ocean floor. Read More >>