New Research Sheds Light on How Opium Poppies Evolved Their Powerful Painkillers

The opium poppy is famous for its ability to produce painkilling molecules. Now, by sequencing its genome, a team of scientists from China, the UK and Australia uncovered several events in the poppy’s history that, together, could have led to the evolution of its opium-producing behaviour. Read More >>

You Can Now Make Morphine at Home With a Beer-Brewing Kit

Are you into the idea of brewing your own craft beer at home? If you are, and if you've ever tried this activity, scientists have some good news for you. Or some bad news – depending on how your tastes in narcotics run. Read More >>

Snake Venom Might Actually Be a Better Painkiller Than Morphine

Morphine—glorious, glorious morphine—is among the world's most potent painkillers, able to make you forget about that broken leg or split open skull. But what if something that generally causes death could be transformed into something that aided the body in recovery? Scientists believe they've discovered the element in Black Mamba venom that does just that. Read More >>