Morrisons Humours Curry Moaners With New Hottest Supermarket Dish

Morrisons is looking to win the hearts, minds, and desensitised tongues of the serious curry eaters across the nation, as it's launched a new ready-made curry described as the flaming fiery phaal – an eight-chilli-rated threat to your throat containing a variety of scorpion chilli. Read More >>

Morrisons Introduces ‘Quieter Hour’ For a Calmer Shopping Experience

Supermarket Morrisons has announced that it will be rolling out a nationwide weekly 'Quieter Hour' to 493 of its stores. The Quieter Hour is intended to benefit customers with autism and those who are affected by sensory stimulation. Read More >>

Morrisons is Asking Customers to Bring Reusable Tubs to Help Cut Down on Plastic Waste

Plastic has been in the news a lot today, as supermarkets and companies get named and shamed for using too much plastic that will likely end up clogging up our oceans with no hope of breaking down anytime soon. While there have been big efforts to reduce plastic usage, particularly stuff that can only be used once or can't be recycled, Morrisons is taking things a step further by asking customers to play their part and bring in their own reusable containers. Read More >>

Morrisons Launches “Mum Only” Checkouts to Make Shopping Easier for Her on Mother’s Day

Supermarket Morrisons has got a great Mother's Day present for the suffering woman who agreed to sire you a child -- special "mums only" checkout queues on Sunday so she can wrestle the shopping home a bit quicker. Read More >>

Morrisons is Doing Vegetable Selection Boxes Now, and They Only Cost £3

These days if something is even remotely popular then you can probably get it in some sort of box with a bunch of similar things. Vegetables are far from the exception, since boxes of random seasonal produce have been available for several years. They can be pricey, because it's all organic, locally sourced, all natural, paleo, gluten free, and super-vegan. Read More >>

Morrisons’ Footlong Sausage Roll is a £1 Ticket to Obesity

Do you love pastry-based food, and the inevitable obesity that comes from eating too many? Step aside Greggs drive-thru, because there's a new player in town. Morrisons' £1 footlong sausage roll. Read More >>

Morrisons Wins Retail Lottery With Amazon Grocery Supply Deal

Shares in UK supermarket Morrisons have gone through the roof today, thanks to news that it's set to supply the goods to Amazon for the latter's Pantry and Prime Now food deliveries. Read More >>

Morrisons Data Breach Lawsuit Suggests People are Becoming More Aware of Cybercrime

Shortly after (sort of) being crowned the best place to boogie on a Sunday afternoon, Morrisons is bracing itself for a bumpy ride, with over 2,000 employees set to take legal action against the supermarket. Back in 2013, the personal details of almost 100,000 members of staff were posted online, and workers reckon Morrisons should have done more to protect their data. Read More >>

The Person With the Best Music Taste in the Country is a Robot DJ Working for Morrisons

If you’re not too proud to deny standing in the middle of HMV, all your birthday money in hand, thinking MAKE IT RAIN to Linkin Park, you’ll know music has something to play in how we purchase. Read More >>

Morrisons Boss Adds Beyonce to New In-Store Playlist

David Potts, the new boss of supermarket group Morrisons, has agreed to staff pleading to change the music played in his cavernous warehouse shops. Beyonce, U2 and The Cure are among artists set to be played in the background as you search the end racks for all the cheap biscuits. Read More >>

Morrisons Apologises for Angel of the North Baguette-Based Projection Stunt

Supermarket chain Morrisons has offended the northern part of the country from whence it came, by projecting a sacrilegious image of a French baguette across the arms of the iconic Angel of the North statue as an advert for cheap bread. Read More >>

Do You Do Your Food Shopping Online?

Following the news that Morrisons is going to start delivering food direct to your door courtesy of Ocado, it begs the question, how many of you actually do your food shopping online? Read More >>

Baffle Grandma This Christmas, With a Morrisons Spotify Gift Card

The old and new worlds have smashed into each other. A Nissan Leaf has collided with a Morris Minor at the second exit of the Silicon Roundabout. Morrisons is selling Spotify gift cards. Read More >>