Morrissey Digs to Previously Unknown Estimation Strata

Singer Morrissey, who you may or may not be emotionally attached to depending on your age, has managed to offend and baffle a significant proportion of the few people still defiantly on his side. The good news is he's not been racist this time; the bad news is it will again have you wondering if this is finally the time to go methodically through your recording collections and playlists and delete and/or thumbs-down every once meaningful Smiths song and even bin off Suedehead. Read More >>

Morrissey’s Face Banned From Liverpool Train Network

Liverpool's Merseyrail transport network has joined the war on Morrissey, responding to a complaint about seeing the man's face on a poster by banning all such instances of the offending Morrissey image from its many urban sites. Read More >>

Welsh Record Shop Bans Morrissey

Cardiff's Spillers Records, which has a legitimate claim on being the oldest record shop in the world and is therefore afforded the luxury of having an opinion that should be listened to, has pulled all of Morrissey's recordings from sale due to the way the singer appears to be embracing the far-right with a bare chest and ever more welcoming arms these days. Read More >>

‘Shut up, Morrissey’ Bags Re-Enter Production

A third run of bags that say what the nation is thinking has entered production, as it seems a huge number of people would like a shopping bag that says "'Shut up, Morrissey" on it, in case they meet the popstar browsing the alternative vegan milks section of their local Waitrose. Read More >>

Morrissey to GM CEO: Vegan Cars

Speaking on behalf of floppy-haired environmentalists everywhere, casually racist angst man Morrissey urged General Motors to offer vegan-friendly versions of its hybrid and electric vehicles on Monday. Read More >>

What Could Happen if Morrissey Became Mayor of London?

Morrissey has said he's "very seriously" considering a proposal to stand for election as the mayor of London, and he's used this flurry of unexpected political publicity to launch into one of his standard meat is murder/eat the rich/cows are nice diatribes. Read More >>

Official Morrissey Shopping Experience Comes to London’s Battersea Dog’s Home

The famed lyricist, novelist and miserablist is opening a physical shop in London to coincide with a couple of gigs he's playing next week, with the Battersea Dog's Home set to feature a real-world pop-up version of Morrissey's online Mporium merchandise portal. Read More >>

Beep-out With 8-bit Chiptune Covers of The Smiths

Several people of indescribably huge musical and technical ability have created not one but literally loads (nine) retro cover versions of Smiths songs, recreating the timeless classics in an 8-bit tremolo soundscape as if they were video game tunes from the 1980s. Read More >>

Stick Yourself in the (Holographic) Beatles at London Music Museum’s 3D Exhibit

A new music-themed museum in London will bring the Tupac-reviving holographic technology to the masses, letting music fans play alongside 3D recreations of bands and singers -- then go home with a DVD of it all to baffle friends and relatives with. Read More >>