AMD’s Status Competition With Intel Ramps Up 

Almost as soon as Intel had announced its new 28-core beast, AMD took the stage at Computex and revealed the latest update to its Threadripper CPU, and it has more cores—32 cores to be exact. That’s more cores than you’ll ever need to do your tweets and fill out your spreadsheets, but this isn’t about processing, it’s about power. Read More >>

How to Choose the Right Processor and Motherboard

How you do choose the brains of the operation when you’re piecing together your own PC? This guide will take some of the guesswork out of the decision for you. Read More >>

The World’s Fastest Computer Is Being Slowed Down By Too Much Gold

Last November, Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Titan supercomputer was named the fastest in the world. But it turns out that a few tests were skipped along the way — and now too much gold on its motherboards means it can't run at full tilt. Read More >>