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The 15 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Geeky Mums

Every mum is different, and some of them are giant nerds. This being Giz UK, you won't find any perfume or flowery nonsense here -- just good ol' geekery to surprise your mum with on March 31st. Read More >>

Novotel is Doing Breakfast in Bed for Mother’s Day

The beginning of British Summer Time falls on Mother's Day this year, which seems a bit unfair – mums don't get enough sleep as it is, without the relentless hand of time snatching back another hour. Read More >>

McDonald’s Offers Newcastle Mums a Three-Course Mother’s Day Meal Spectacular

Mums in the Newcastle area are in for an extra special treat this Sunday, thanks to one local branch of McDonald's offering a posh, three-course, sit-down-with-cutlery, burger-based treat for £10 a head. Read More >>

Morrisons Launches “Mum Only” Checkouts to Make Shopping Easier for Her on Mother’s Day

Supermarket Morrisons has got a great Mother's Day present for the suffering woman who agreed to sire you a child -- special "mums only" checkout queues on Sunday so she can wrestle the shopping home a bit quicker. Read More >>