How Geeky Mechanics Use Motion Capture to Design Perfect-Fitting Bikes

We ride bikes not just because they’re fun, but because they’re efficient. They enable us to use our body power to propel us forward far faster than our pathetic, floppy feet ever could. Efficiency, though, is only as good as the fit. Read More >>

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This Pacific Rim: Uprising VFX Video Shows How Mo-Cap Performers Become 300-Foot-Tall Jaegers  

Pacific Rim Uprising may not have lived up to its predecessor, but it’s still a fun movie about giant monsters fighting giant robots that, sorry to break it to you, weren’t actually so giant before the film’s visual effects artists worked their magic. Read More >>

New Technology We’re Actually Excited About for 2018

Yes, 2017's biggest tech story was probably about the ways in which social media forced us to rehash old culture wars and question who was guiding our political discourse. Rather than seeing technology facilitate greater communication, economic opportunity, and leisure, it seemed that it was exacerbating our differences, concentrating wealth, and threatening all livelihoods. But there was some good stuff too! Read More >>

The Past, and Future of Motion Capture: Where it Came From and What’s Coming Next

Over the past decade and a half, motion capture has become a staple part of any visual effects studio, whether they're working on films, TV, or video games. And with good reason, seeing as how recording real people can be invaluable in producing more natural and organic CGI. Read More >>

Scientists Can Now Study Animal Motion Without Tiny Motion Capture Suits

Watch the behind-the-scenes footage of any effects-laden blockbuster film and you’ll see actors running around in checkered body suits. Capturing the motions of a human performer is the most lifelike way to bring a digital character to life, but scientists at Stanford have come up with a less intrusive way to capture and study the motions of animals. Read More >>

A Dome Packed With 480 Cameras Captures Detailed 3D Images in Motion

If you've ever watched behind-the-scenes footage of a film with extensive visual effects, you've probably seen actors wearing ping-pong ball covered motion-capture suits bringing digital characters to life. But researchers at Carnegie Mellon have come up with a better way to capture 3D motion that can be implemented almost anywhere, even inside an entire stadium, without the need for those awkward suits. Read More >>

Intel Perceptual Computing Hands-On: I Got Subtracted From the World By the Future of Kinect

Intel's Perceptual Computing SDK is so smart that it can pick you out from the world around you and put you on any background, as if the whole world was a green screen. Think Kinect only way, way smarter. Read More >>

C’mon Hollywood – Just Nominate Andy Serkis for an Oscar, Already

The Oscar Nominations were announced today, and Andy Serkis was left off the list. The actor was highly praised for his motion-capture performance as Caesar the chimp in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and there was a strong campaign to get him recognised in this year's award ceremony, but ultimately it all came to naught. We can't say it's any surprise. Read More >>