These Bizarre Glasses Promise to Cure Your Motion Sickness – But At What Cost

The engineers at Citroën have apparently thrown almost 100 years of French design refinement out the window with a new product you don’t drive, but will improve your motoring experience. The carmaker’s new Seetroën glasses won’t win you any style points, but Citroën claims the glasses will eliminate any motion sickness you’re feeling after wearing them for just 10 minutes. Read More >>

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What Causes Motion Sickness?

If the motion of the ocean leaves you queasy, the open road makes you dry heave, or the floating feeling at taking off makes your head spin, you're not alone. Motion sickness is a common occurrence among travellers—and one not easily remedied. That's why you have to stop motion sickness before it starts. Read More >>

Why do We Get Motion Sickness?

The majority of the population will at some point have to contend with that dreaded icky feeling of spewing their guts as they ride in a train, plane or automobile. But why do we get motion sickness, and is there any way we can stop it? Read More >>

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Why We Get Travel Sick

I'm incredibly jealous of people who can read a book while riding in a car, or hang out on a boat in choppy waters, or act completely normal on a plane without getting travel sick. Those bastards. So why is it that the rest of us get travel sickness? It's an eyes and ears thing, apparently. Watch it. [ASAP Science via Geekosystem] Read More >>