Moto’s Great Cheap Phones Are Back, Now With a Face ID Knockoff

For years, Motorola has been the leader in making cheap phones feel like quality products, instead of gadgets designed only to hit a certain price point. And while the next generation of Moto’s low cost handsets don’t seem super exciting, from what I’ve seen so far, they should continue Motorola’s legacy of making, simple, but solid smartphones for under £250. Read More >>

Lenovo’s Smartphone Teasers Suggest the Moto E is About to Die

Lenovo has revealed that this year’s batch of Moto-branded smartphones will be rather different to last year’s, for the better, yet also potentially for the worse. The positive stuff first. Lenovo senior vice pres Chen Xudong has confirmed that every Moto phone released this year will feature a fingerprint scanner, for a baby-smooth authentication experience. Read More >>

New Moto 360 and Motorola Smartphones Likely to Launch This Summer

The new boss of Motorola has said there may be some Lenovo-made Moto products on the way this year, saying we could expect some "phones and watches" from the tech maker some time during the summer. Read More >>

Moto E (LTE) Review: When Cheap Means Cheap

Last year, all the most exciting mobile phones were dirt cheap. For just a hundred quid or so, I could buy an amazing device without tying myself to a contract. So I convinced myself cheap phones were the future. Maybe they still are. But not Motorola’s Moto E. It isn’t nearly daring enough. Read More >>

Motorola’s New Moto E Lands With its Own Fold-Out Press Conference

The words "press conference", in the run up to a major show like MWC, strike fear into the hearts of tech journalists. A press conference, for us, usually translates as "mass journo free for all in which to try devices under pressure and take photos and not be trampled and oh-god-what-did-the-CEO-just-say-must-file-NOW". Motorola has taken a different angle on the whole thing though -- it's just revealed its new Moto E by sending it out to us in a "pop-up press conference" box. Read More >>

We’re Living in the Golden Age of Motorola

I don't trust brands. You shouldn't either. But right now, you can't go wrong with a Motorola smartphone. Read More >>

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How Motorola Put the Moto E Through its Slo-Mo Drop-Test Paces

In the advertisement for the Moto E—Motorola's new £89 budget phone—you see the phone cascading through a series of scenes to show off what the cheap lil' guy can do. Here's an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how creative agency Droga5 made the ad. Read More >>

Motorola Moto E Hands-On: A Worthy Budget Blower

When you've only £90 sitting in your pocket, you have to measure your expectations if you're looking to spend it on a phone. That sort of price bracket used to be the reserve of the cheap, plasticky feature phone, but today's launch of Motorola's Moto E puts a capable Android smartphone at your disposal for just £89. Read More >>

Motorola’s Moto E Finds its Way Online Ahead of Tuesday’s Reveal

The first handset out of Motorola's stable since it snuggled up with Lenovo, the expected launch of this week's Moto E handset is a big deal for the company. So it'll probably be a bit miffed that serial leaker EvLeaks has popped the first images of the handset online already, ahead of any meticulously-planned launch. Read More >>