Moto X Style Review: This Phone Does Android Better Than Google

When it comes to experiencing Android the way Google intended, you have surprisingly few options. Two, really. Google’s own Nexus smartphone — made by a parade of different hardware partners — and Motorola. The new Moto X Style (which will be known as the Moto X Pure Edition in the US) is the new unspoiled Android champion. It can do Android even better than Google. Read More >>

Moto X Style Hands-On: A Great Smartphone With a Price to Match

The Moto X Style is in every way a successor to last year’s Moto X. It’s got all the requisite upgrades you’d expect: the better quad HD display, the better 21 megapixel rear camera with a front-facing selfie flash, and just an all around better look and feel. And somehow, it only costs £299. Read More >>