I’m Really Hoping These New Moto X Images Are Fake

Images of yet-to-be-announced gadgets can be a bit of a crapshoot. Anyone with a laptop and a decent knowledge of Photoshop can send fan boys frothing. So part of me hopes that these new Moto X images are fake, but growing evidence suggests they are, in fact, the real deal. Read More >>

Moto X Style Hands-On: A Great Smartphone With a Price to Match

The Moto X Style is in every way a successor to last year’s Moto X. It’s got all the requisite upgrades you’d expect: the better quad HD display, the better 21 megapixel rear camera with a front-facing selfie flash, and just an all around better look and feel. And somehow, it only costs £299. Read More >>

The New Moto X Play and Moto X Style are All About Looks and Battery

When looking for the next great phone to ride shotgun through your life, there are a few things it needs to do well. It needs to have a great display, look good, and not have rubbish battery life. With the third-generation Moto X, Motorola is laser-focused on all three. Read More >>

Moto X 2015 Photos Leaked

Photos supposedly showing the 2015 refresh of Motorola's flagship Moto X handset have leaked and show some intriguing new features. Read More >>

Moto X and Nexus 6 at Their Cheapest Ever UK Prices

Motorola is having a summer sale, which sees the Nexus 6 cut to just £399 (down from £479) and the Moto X down to £229 (from £395). These are the cheapest ever UK prices for the handsets. Read More >>

Moto X 3 or III or (2015) Spotted in Alleged Wood-backed Leak

A couple of images claiming to show this year's update of Motorola's high-end Moto X mobile have appeared online, fleshing out previous rumours -- and comments from Lenovo itself -- that some new Motorola mobiles are about to arrive. Read More >>

LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, iPhone 6 and the Rest

The big day has finally arrived, and after many rumours, leaks, and much speculation, we finally know what the LG G4 looks like. But seeing what the phone has is one thing; we also need to compare it to the rest of the competition. Specs certainly aren't everything, but they can give you a good starting point for deciding which phone is right for your next upgrade. Read More >>

The New Moto X is £100 Cheaper Today for a Cyber Monday Promotion

Oh, you thought that the money-saving madness ended with Black Friday? Wrong: today is Cyber Monday, meaning the gadget houses will again be peddling their wares at cut-rate prices for the next 24 hours. Read More >>

Motorola Keylink Helps Find Your Keys or Phone When Your Brain Can’t

Motorola has had a busy couple of months (like really busy), but they've still got one more little piece of hardware to push out to the masses. This is the Motorola Keylink, a keychain that will help you find your misplaced keys or smartphone, Android and iPhone alike. Read More >>

We’re Living in the Golden Age of Motorola

I don't trust brands. You shouldn't either. But right now, you can't go wrong with a Motorola smartphone. Read More >>

The Droid Turbo Could be the Most Supercharged Smartphone Yet

Google has officially announced its new Nexus devices, including the massive Nexus 6 superphone. But Motorola's 6-inch phablet wasn't the only Motorola-branded gadget to spill some details. A new leak has an entire rundown of upcoming Droid Turbo (which we know is being carried by Verizon in the US, but have no confirmation of UK release yet) and, if true, this thing has the best specs of any smartphone ever. Read More >>

Leaked Droid Turbo Manual Shows a Super-Powered Motorola Smartphone

We're anticipating a giant-sized, Moto X-inspired Nexus 6 any day now from Google's camp, but new leaks appear to confirm the new Droid Turbo with an impressive amount of smartphone engineering from Motorola. Read More >>

Nexus 6 Rumour Roundup: Everything We Think We Know (Updated)

The Nexus line is Google's Android champion, the annual display of Android in its purest form. As we get closer to this year's refresh, rumours are beginning to flesh out what the Nexus 6 is going to look like. Here's what you can expect from the next great Android phone. Read More >>