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This Amazing Quarter-Scale Replica Motorcycle Was Made Entirely By Hand

Proud of that model aeroplane you built using a kit from a hobby store? That's child's play compared to the work of Glen English, a modelmaker so dedicated to his craft he builds replica motorcycles completely from scratch. That's right -- not a single component is off-the-shelf. Read More >>

This Stunning Electric Bike Is Like a Jet Fighter On Two Wheels

This is the ZecOO, an electric motorbike that can reach 75mph with a range that goes from 55 to 85 miles. Not bad. But what I really like is its weird, anime jet fighter aesthetic, from its retro-futuristic profile to the extruded gauges to its front suspension. Read More >>

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Motorcyclist Clotheslined 25-Feet In the Air; Falls Hard

A circus performance ended abruptly when a motorcycle jump went horribly wrong and the rider hit a wire at the apex of his jump. Read More >>

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Man Makes Rollerblading Awesome By Adding a Motorcycle

There are so many levels of awesome to this video, it's hard to comprehend it without my head exploding. Pakistan, you have bested us with your guy riding rollerblades while behind a motorcycle. Read More >>

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How to Close Your Tailgate Using a Motorcycle

Ever wished there was a way to shut your tailgate that didn't involve, you know, using your damn hands? Well, this guy can do it for you using just the rear wheel of his motorcycle. Problem solved. [Carscoop] Read More >>