This RC Ducati Motorcycle Is Packing Some Surprisingly Clever Tech

It’s not often you find some genuine innovation coming from a company whose products are targeted at kids. Toymakers tend to stick to minor feature upgrades or simple cosmetic improvements to make existing products feel new again. When it was announced at Toy Fair 2019, I assumed Spin Master’s Ducati Upriser was just another RC motorcycle. A quick demo revealed some truly impressive self-balancing capabilities. It’s not perfect, but watching this scaled-down bike balance on two wheels all by itself is kind of magical. Read More >>

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[Updated] Richard Hammond Knocked Unconscious In Grand Tour Motorbike Accident

This article has been updated with a statement from Richard Hammond. Read More >>

This Motorcycle With Snowmobile Tracks is the Most Overkill Way to Crush Your Winter Commute

Forget about trying to cram your way onto an already packed underground carriage when it’s snowy and you need to get to work. Motorcycle maker Christini has applied its expertise in building two-wheel drive bikes to a new snow-thrashing machine called the II-Track Snow Bike system that promises to make wintery commutes actually enjoyable. Read More >>

Honda’s New Experimental Motorcycle Can Balance All By Itself Like Magic

If you’ve ever pushed a bike down a hill, you know that two-wheeled vehicles can balance themselves when traveling at higher speeds. It’s when you’re riding slower that balancing gets a little more challenging, unless your motorcycle’s equipped with Honda’s new experimental Riding Assist technology so it automatically balances itself. Read More >>

This Exploding Bike Alarm Might Actually Be Effective

About ten minutes after the very first car alarm went off, the tech went from being a genuine theft deterrent to an annoyance that everyone just ignores. The makers of the Bike Mine have a better idea, at least when it comes to getting people to notice when a bike or motorcycle is being stolen: old-fashioned explosives. Read More >>

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Watch Guy Martin Smash the Wall of Death Speed Record

In case you weren’t watching, motorcyclist Guy Martin broke the Wall of Death world record twice last night, zooming around a purpose-built wooden drum thing at an astonishing 78.15mph. On live TV too! The record he needed to beat was 60mph, which he managed to do on his first run, where he hit 70.34mph. Read More >>

Samsung’s Smart Motorcycle Windscreen Is Super Simple and That’s Great

When it comes to smart new features, car drivers get most of the fun. But a new concept from Samsung and Yamaha promises a simple smart windscreem for motorcyclists which could help them stay safe on the roads. Read More >>

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Skijoring is a Great Way to Get Run Over By a Dozen Motorcycles

Your skis are strapped on and you’re holding a rope. Then the motorcycle revs and you’re off at top speed down a snowy trail. Recipe for disaster? Read More >>

What Happens If You Drop Your iPhone and Then Accidentally Do a Burnout On It?

It’s every smartphone owner’s worst nightmare: while climbing onto your motorcycle your phone accidentally falls out of your pocket and lands perfectly underneath your bike’s rear tire right before you’re ready to do a burnout to impress your friends. But it turns out it’s not the end of your device. Read More >>

The Best Motorcycle Helmet is One That Looks Like a Shaved Head

Though you'd want them first and foremost to look after your brain box in the event of a high speed crash, the very best motorcycle helmet designs always have a bit of artistic flair to go along with their protective capabilities. However, Dubai-based artist Jyo John Mullor's crash helmet concepts are just genius – designed to look like a super-realistic shaved human head, popping one of these on alongside your leathers would be like wearing nothing on your head at all. Read More >>

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India Border Patrol Performs Incredible Feats on Motorbikes and Just Wow

I'm 99.9-per cent sure that I'm neither qualified nor eligible to join India's Border Security Force, but if I could, I would demand to be assigned to the Daredevil Team. This week, the Daredevil Team dressed in fatigues and donned helmets—safety first!—to wow the crowds at the India Republic Day parade. And wow. Read More >>

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Riding a Motorcycle on a Roller Coaster is Pure Crazy

A lot of people already think that riding a motorcycle is dangerous. A lot of people find riding a roller coaster thrilling and scary. So why not combine the both and use a motorcycle to ride a roller coaster track? Mixing all that scariness and dangerousness and ridiculous thrills together gets you pure crazy. Read More >>

10 of the Most Badass Motorcycles in Film History

Motorcycles look cool. Movie stars look cool. So putting movie stars on motorcycles is almost always a badass cool combination on film. Watch Mojo put together a list ranking 10 of the most badass motorcycles in film history and the list includes some usual suspects: lightcycles, batpods and Harleys. Read More >>