Got a Nexus S or Motorola Xoom? You’re Not Getting Jelly Bean 4.2, Sorry

Looks like those with a Google Nexus S or the original Ice Cream Sandwich tablet, the Motorola Xoom, aren't going to get bumped to Jelly Bean 4.2, putting your not all-that-ancient devices essentially out to pasture. Rubbish. [Google via Android Police] Read More >>

A Pair of Cordless Landline Phones Is Your “My Landline Will Never Fail Me, Unlike O2” Deal of the Day

In case you haven't heard, O2’s mobile network has gone completely haywire over the past 24 hours, affecting tens of thousands of customers who have lost their ability to make calls or use 3G. Read More >>

A Cheap 32GB Motorola Xoom Is Your Quality-Android-Tablet-On-the-Cheap Deal of the Day

We're a sucker for a tablet-shaped bargain – any excuse to splurge a few hundred quid on a nice, shiny portable device is fine and dandy with us. Far better than paying council tax bills or buying nutritious fruit. Read More >>

A Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 or a Motorola Xoom For Under £280 Is Your We-Want-Android-Not-That-Overpriced-Apple-Rubbish Deal of the Day

The iPad 3 is on its way but let’s not get ourselves completely hung on that – it’s only a machine and it’s certainly not the boss of us. Other similar machines are available and perfectly capable of doing the same stuff as Apple's tablet. Read More >>

Archos 70 Is Your “Under 100 Squid” Tablet Deal of the Day

Today’s best bargain is a little beauty if you’re looking to tablet yourself up (not in an overdosey way) and join the hip, modern crowd, but without splashing out a pile of dough on something that might break when your fat uncle sits on it. Read More >>

Motorola Wheels Out Two More Xoom Tablets: The Xoom 2, and Xoom Media Edition

What, you may be asking, is the point of unveiling a tablet alongside one that's touted as being the "Media Edition"? Shouldn't all tablets have media at its heart? Funnily enough, the Media Edition is smaller, at 8.2-inches, with the Xoom 2 clocking in at 10.1-inches. Read More >>