Motorola Won’t Give Up on Modular Smartphones No Matter How Silly They Are

It feels like the window of opportunity for modular smartphones has come and gone. Google’s Project Ara is dead, and LG gave up almost immediately after the release of the G5. But then, off in its own little corner and now three generations deep, Motorola and the new Moto Z3 Play haven’t given up yet. Read More >>

Moto’s Great Cheap Phones Are Back, Now With a Face ID Knockoff

For years, Motorola has been the leader in making cheap phones feel like quality products, instead of gadgets designed only to hit a certain price point. And while the next generation of Moto’s low cost handsets don’t seem super exciting, from what I’ve seen so far, they should continue Motorola’s legacy of making, simple, but solid smartphones for under £250. Read More >>

The History of Wireless Everything

Halfway between Brooklyn and Montauk, a steel cupola propped up on wooden legs once looked out over the Long Island Sound and beyond the horizon. Built in the first years of the 20th century, Wardenclyffe Tower served as the centrepiece of a real-life mad scientist’s laboratory. Lever pulling, lightning bolts, maniacal laughter—this is where that sort of thing was supposed to happen. And it almost did. Read More >>

Motorola is Going to Try and Out-Sonos Sonos With the Moto X4 and Tempow Bluetooth

Tempow, a company know for its software-only Bluetooth enhancements, has teamed up with Motorola for the launch of the Moto X4 smartphone - and it looks like they have their sights set on Sonos. Read More >>

Motorola’s Stream Wireless Earbuds Have Arrived in the UK

Motorola's new Stream wireless earbuds have arrived in the UK, and we get our hands on them a month before they drop stateside. Lucky us! Read More >>

Motorola’s New Phone Makes a Great Case For Why Modular Phones Shouldn’t Exist

Every once and while you run across a gadget that would be perfect if only it wasn’t missing one tiny feature. That sucks, and often there’s nothing you can do about it because there’s no way for multi-billion dollar companies to anticipate your need for a cattle prod or tiny projector that attaches to your phone. But what if there was? What if you could just switch out modules on a phone with a snap and always have the perfect device for the perfect occasion. That’s supposed to be the new Moto Z2 Force’s promise. Read More >>

Moto Z2 Force Still Has Those Sad Mods, But Maybe the Phone Will Be Good This Time

Motorola stands alone. Last year LG and Google both killed their respective modular phones. So the new Moto Z2 Force, with its small array of magnetic attachments, is the closest thing we have to a smartphones with customisable modular hardware. No one actually wants this, but that’s not stopping Motorola from doubling down and insisting that the modular phone’s time has arrived. Read More >>

Motorola’s New Body Cam AI Stops Just Short of Dystopian Surveillance

Unsurprisingly, the latest AI advancement in body camera technology comes no closer to increasing police accountability or officer transparency. As the public’s push for body cameras has died down, tech companies are now making their own appeal for body cameras to the police departments that buy them: offering sharper, smarter surveillance. Read More >>

Nine Motorola Handsets Just Leaked

Usually when leaks happen we hear about a single new phone, maybe two if there are slightly different variants due for release at the same time. Unfortunately for Motorola it looks like nine of its upcoming phones leaked yesterday, which probably means we now know about every single Motorola handset due to be released this year. Read More >>

Motorola’s Terrible ‘Rap Video’ Is a Great Reminder of Its Irrelevance

Forty-four years ago this week, Motorola placed the first phone call from a mobile phone. That’s a genuinely big moment, and as someone who is glued to my smartphone for at least 18 hours a day, I’m very glad that happened. Read More >>

Don’t Expect a New Motorola Smartwatch Anytime Soon

Smartwatches are dead. Everyone (except Huawei) knows it. Pebble is gone. The Apple Watch is hanging on, but not by much, and there's no real need to spend hundreds of pounds on a device that's less functional than your phone. So it should be no surprise that Motorola has no immediate plans to release any smartwatches. Read More >>

The Moto G5 and G5 Plus Are on the Way

In all the excitement last night, what with the announcement of LG's G6, the new slate of Nokias, and those Samsung tablets, it was easy to miss the fact that Lenovo announced two brand new Motorola phones. Meet the Moto G5 and the originally named Moto G5 Plus. Read More >>

Motorola Wants You to Make Your Own Moto Z Mods

The dream of a Project Ara-style modular phone is dead and buried, but other manufacturers have started implementing similar ideas in a much smaller fashion. Motorola's Moto Z is a good example of this, and now it's offering people the chance to develop their own mods for the phone. Read More >>

The Moto G4 is a Phone Caught Between Cheapness and Greatness

I get that a lot of you like thick plastic brick phones like last year’s Moto G. As long as they’re cheap and decently fast, you can forgive their girth and painfully inexpensive finishings. Good for you. But I am not one of you. I firmly believe that cheap does not have to mean chunky monkey aesthetics. Cheap can be slim, too. Which means I want to believe in the Moto G4. Read More >>

The Motorola VerveOnes+ Are Scarily Expensive But Exquisitely Flashy

Wait, Motorola’s doing headphones now? Not technically, so you can throw that hurtful comment you were just cooking up on the scrap heap. Though the VerveLife family bears the smartphone company’s name, the headphones are actually made by Binatone, which licenses Motorola’s branding. All clear? Good. Read More >>