400 Miles of Hard Shoulder is Going as We Move to “Digital Roads”

"Digital road" is the equally stupid new way of referring to what has been known as the "smart motorway" for a few years, and we're getting more of them. 400 miles more of them, in fact, as statistics say the removal of hard shoulders and the installation of special refuge areas for breaking cars has been a success. Or at least not a disaster. Read More >>

MPs Want “Smart” Motorway Upgrades Suspended

MPs are asking for a halt on the introduction of the modern British "smart" motorway, which often sees the hard shoulders of our traffic arteries turned into controlled additional lanes to keep traffic flowing. This is not particularly smart for anyone who suffers a breakdown and borders on the dangerous, they say. Read More >>

This Isn’t Just Any Contraflow on the M8

The government is said to be thinking about bringing a weird US roadside sponsorship system to the UK, in which stretches of motorway are sponsored by big businesses in return for some of their advertising money. Read More >>

Essex Ikea Turns Temporary Crash Pad for Stranded Motorists

The Thurrock branch of Ikea said TO HELL with its advertised closing times last night, after a crash on the M25 caused traffic chaos in the area and people needed somewhere to be that wasn't suffering in a car on a non-moving slip road. Read More >>

The Best and Worst of Britain’s Motorway Services Have Been Revealed

Ah the motorway service station. The only convenient place to stop off and use the toilet or fill up with petrol, accompanied by a variety of already-expensive shops that have jacked up their prices. Because the only other choice is to pull off the motorway and drive around hunting for a proper shop with proper options. For better or worse they're here to stay, but at least there are people ranking each one to help you figure out the best place to stop. Read More >>

Traffic Lights are Coming to a Motorway Near You

Highways England wants to do something about all the congestion on the motorways, so it's doing the most sensible thing possible. No, not improving public transport or building more motorways, it's introducing traffic lights for the first time ever. Read More >>

Letting Learners Drive on the Motorway Can Only be a Good Thing

Yesterday the Department of Transport announced that, for the first time ever, learner drivers would be allowed on British motorways - with the idea being that they get some first-hand experience before they start to drive on their own. Read More >>

Learner Drivers Are Heading to British Motorways for the First Time

In news that will likely make many a driver scream, the Transport Secretary has announced that learners will be allowed to take lessons on the motorway for the first time ever. Read More >>

Motorways Could be Roofed Over to Curb Pollution

Highways England is investigating ways to make the motorways less of an open sewer of nitrogen oxides leaking into the surroundings, and it's got nothing to do with electric cars, bike lanes or taxing people per metre driven. They're looking at physically covering up the busiest parts of roads with NOx-absorbing materials, roofing the drivers into their own toxic underground hell. Read More >>

Fully Autonomous Cars Should be on the Road by 2019

A fleet of properly driverless, fully autonomous cars should be allowed out onto the motorways of the UK by the end of 2019, backed by a development fund of over £8m from the Government's Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. Yes, we have one of those. Read More >>

Learner Drivers Might Soon be Allowed on the Motorways

Transport Minister Andrew Jones has had an idea about how to make the roads safer -- let learner drives loose on the motorways. What can possibly go wrong? Read More >>

Pay £2 Billion for the M6 Toll Road and Scream in Horror as You Bleed Money

A 27-mile stretch of glorious British motorway could be yours, if your little ISA hasn't been smashed to pieces by the oil price crash, with an asking price of around £2bn said to be attached to the road. Read More >>

Driver Jailed After Nine-Mile Wrong-Way Race Around the M25

Nutcase driver Mitchell Locke became a star of CCTV after driving his BMW the wrong way along the A2 and M25 for a danger-packed nine miles. His stunt session has earned him a 14-month stint in a young offenders’ institute. Read More >>

Why Stealth Speed Cameras Will Make Driving a Misery

The government is set to make driving even more of a tedious battle between us and the speed cameras, with the M25's new "smart" cameras set to spread their depressing, authoritative wings and infect more of the road network. Read More >>

Driver Panicked When Car Radio Identified Music Track as “Fire”

The Highways Agency has joined in with the list feature action, revealing some of the bonkers excuses made by drivers for being caught parked up on the motorway hard shoulder. You won't believe #4 etc etc. Read More >>