What to Expect at Google I/O 2018 

Google’s big once-a-year developer conference kicks off Tuesday May 8. While much of Google I/O is meant to support coders and the people who create apps and software for Google’s various platforms, what gets announced at the event will impact anyone who uses Android, Chrome OS, Wear OS, or any of Google’s many first-party apps—so basically everyone. Here are the big announcements we’re expecting to see (and a few things we won’t) at Google I/O 2018. Read More >>

Here’s Our Clearest Look Yet at Google’s Rejected “Moon Shot” Campus

Yesterday we learned that Google’s robot-built glass wonderland had been struck down by in favour of a plan by LinkedIn. Today, Bloomberg paints a picture of the plan that got shirked. Read More >>

Google’s Crazy New Campus Will Be Covered in Giant Canopied Domes

Apple is building a spaceship. Nvidia will work inside alien polygons. Amazon has its orbs. Soon, Google might have an crazy new headquarters of its own: A series of giant, transparent canopied buildings filled with open spaces for Googlers to congregate. Read More >>

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This is What It’s Really Like to Be a Google Intern

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn might be prancing around pretending to be interns at the Googleplex, but (shock-horror) Hollywood's ham-fisted portrayal isn't exactly accurate. Here's what it's actually like to start at the bottom of Google. Read More >>

Sex on a Pile of Cash Sounds Great Until Your Online Date Robs You

Imagine this: You set it up the perfect kinky hook-up on the Internet. You found a hot partner who wants to have sex with you, provided this sex happens on top of a pile of cash. So you find the pile of cash, you show up at the appointed time to get lucky, only to find out that it's not your lucky day at all. Read More >>

Take a Gander Into Google’s Googleplex

I think I stand for most people in tech when I say that Google is one of the hottest destinations to work at, and not just because of it's sunny location. A lot of people wonder, if not dream, about the elusive Googleplex, but no need to fret -- the guys over at Mountain View have shown us a view into their chambers via, of course, a Google+ page simply titled "Life at Google". Read More >>