Mountaineers Declare Small and Polite War on Banana Skins

People overseeing the enjoyment of our little mountain ranges are getting angry about banana skins being dumped all over the place by casual hillwalkers, and not because climbers are slipping on them and sliding all the way to the bottom then having to start their ascents again. Read More >>

English Hill Proudly Becomes Mountain

The little English hill known as Miller Moss is celebrating today, after a pair of hill-measuring enthusiasts found it to be one metre higher than the Ordnance Survey calculated – sneaking it over the classification boundary that divides mere hills from mountains. Read More >>

Australian Badass Sets Speed Record for Climbing Tallest Mountain on Every Continent

Four years after enduring an accident that nearly left him paralysed, Australian mountaineer Steve Plain is now the fastest person to reach the top of the tallest mountain on each of the world’s seven continents, shattering the previous record by eight days. Read More >>

Watch a Parachuting Skier Take Flight Moments Before an Avalanche Buries Him Alive

Downhill skiers hit tremendous speeds as they race down a mountain, but it’s still not fast enough to outrun an avalanche. Fortunately for Maxence Cavalade, the parachute he was using to speedride down Mont Charvet in France carried him to safety and probably saved his life. Read More >>

BBC Nature Doc Mixed up Italy and the Himalayas

The BBC's been caught fake-newsing the population again, although this one at least appears to have been an honest accident. One of its nature docs looking at the lives of people living in the Himalayas accidentally spliced in footage of the Dolomites mountain range, as found quite far away in Italy, leading to confusion among viewers who really know their mountain ranges. Read More >>

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Incredible Footage of a Drone Racing Up a Mountain Had Me Reaching For a Seatbelt

Remember the RC toys you had as a kid? The ones you would lose control of when they went out of range 50 feet away? Gabriel Kocher’s custom-built camera drone has a range of almost two miles, allowing him to pilot it to the top of a mountain and capture exhilarating footage along the way. Read More >>

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Chill Out With 10 Full Hours of Relaxing Planet Earth Mountain Footage

When shooting a documentary, the vast majority of what you film gets edited out of the final production. But instead of letting thousands of hours of breathtaking footage go to waste, the creators of Planet Earth II have re-purposed hundreds of breathtaking mountaintop shots into this 10-hour-long relaxation tool. Read More >>

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This Stabilised Footage of a Drone Flying Up a Mountain Is Pure Gorgeousness

Damn. I feel like I’m watching the Paramount Pictures title sequence come to life. Or, like, the opening sequence to a huge blockbuster movie right before it kicks off its first action scene. But I’m just watching a drone fly up the east ridge of Hübschhorn, a mountain in the Lepontine Alps in Switzerland. And it’s as gorgeous as any drone footage I’ve ever seen. Read More >>

Careening Down a Mountain on Glowing Skis is Dangerously Beautiful

You’d think that professional skier Mathieu Bijasson would be a little more careful after having his first kid. But now that he’s a dad, apparently skiing down a mountain on a pair of glowing skis in the middle of the night is how he chooses to spend his time while his kid sleeps. Read More >>

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Speedflying Down a Mountain a Few Feet Off the Ground Might Be the Craziest Sport

Jumping out of an aeroplane with a parachute on your back has its own risks. But at least in the air there’s nothing to crash into until you hit the ground. Speedflying, on the other hand, where athletes like Jamie Lee parachute down mountains just inches above massive rocks, is basically a non-stop life-risking thrill ride. Read More >>

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Highlining Between 9,000-Foot-Tall Mountain Peaks Takes a Special Kind of Courage

You’ve probably seen slackliners at the park, balancing a few feet above the ground on a thin strap strung between a pair of trees. Highlining is the same idea, except Hayley Ashburn walked over 170 feet between mountain peaks, over 9,000 feet above the ground. Read More >>

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Keep a Clean Pair of Pants Nearby Before Watching This Daredevil Mountain Climber

Scaling a sheer cliff face like climber Liu Yongbang does in China takes incredible strength, unparalleled determination, and the ability to completely block out thoughts of falling hundreds of feet to your demise. He may have the courage to tackle something like this, but odds are you’re going to want to keep a clean pair of pants nearby before watching this terrifying footage. [YouTube] Read More >>

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The World’s Highest Waterfall Is So Majestic

Breathtaking. This drone footage of Angel Falls in Venezuela is exactly that. Angel Falls is the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall at 3,212 feet tall. It is stunning to see the water making its way down the side of the mountain and disappear into the mystery below. Read More >>

Gorgeous Sweeping Views of the Dragon Mountains 

Cooped up in a city or squandered in a suburb, it’s easy to forget how damn wonderful nature can be. Here are some truly stunning views of the Drakensberg Escarpment in South Africa. I love how the shadows and light shutter over the mountains throughout the day. Drakensberg is derived from the Afrikaans word Drakensberge which means Dragon Mountains. Pretty fitting. Read More >>

Aww, Norway Wants to Gift a Mountain to Finland

This story takes place far inside the Arctic Circle but, no, it’s not about Santa Claus. What it is about is truly embracing the Christmas spirit — the part where you give something of yourself. Read More >>