This Star Wars Celebration Poster Is a Breathtaking Commemoration of the Beginning of the Rebellion

Star Wars Celebration is almost here, which means it’s time for some fantastic art. And this print, by Michael Pasquale, is one of the best I’ve seen. Read More >>

Retro Movie Posters With Retro Casts Look Better Than the Modern Versions

Jurassic World was fine. But what if it starred Harrison Ford in a retro sci-fi flick reminiscent of Westworld. That’s what the fantastic work of Peter Stults explores, dreaming up time-displaced posters movie with period-specific casts for films you’d kill to see. Read More >>

Here’s Your Chance to Own This Legendarily Weird Star Wars Poster Art

All serious Star Wars fans know the work of Tibor Helényi. The Hungarian painter, who sadly passed away last year, created some of the most-hated and beloved posters for the original Star Wars trilogy. And now, more than one year after his death, the original oil paintings are going to be auctioned off on May 31 by Budapest Poster Gallery. Read More >>

The Best Movie Posters of 2014

Even if you saw every movie that came out this year, it's unlikely you can recall the poster art for most of them. That's where Adrian Curry, the purveyor of the excellent Tumblr Movie Poster of the Week, comes in. Curry recently rounded up the best poster designs of the year on's Notebook — check them out below. Read More >>

17 of the Coolest Minimalist Movie Posters Saul Bass Ever Designed

Remaking movie posters into ultra-minimal cinematic tributes has been one of the internet’s favourite past-times of late, but the staid results—while occasionally clever—lack heart. Passion. Excitement. Like that of mid-century graphic design legend Saul Bass, who was the king of the film poster and title sequence. He managed to inject basic forms with a distinct energy and urgency and his work—often thick swathes of black backed in primary colors—feels alive, somehow capturing the same thrill as seeing the films up on the big screen. Read More >>

This Portrait of Old Star Wars Characters Should Be the Movie Poster for Star Wars Episode VII

Since it's pretty much an open secret that the old cast members of the original Star Wars trilogy are coming back for the next movie, this portrait of them at their current age should absolutely be the next movie poster for Episode VII. Hand painted by artist Adam Schickling, the portrait captures our favourite heroes with all their beautiful wrinkles. Read More >>

Movie Posters Love to Show a Man Standing Alone Looking At Something

If you feel like most movies that come out are cookie cutter versions of movies that already came out, you're not alone. Sometimes Hollywood doesn't even try to change anything. Just take a look at the latest movie poster design cliche: the lone-standing hero looking at destruction/buildings/destroyed buildings with his back turned to us. Read More >>

Movie Posters Love Showing Off an Actress From Behind

Have you noticed that movie studios love to objectify an attractive actress by showing off her assets from behind on movie posters? Emily Asher-Perrin of Tor certainly spotted the trend and put together a convincing case about how awfully cliched it is. Read More >>