The Super Rich Can Now Stream Films Still in Cinemas to Their Penthouses

If you were looking for another reason to hate the rich, Red Carpet Home Cinema is here to help out. For $1,500 to $3,000 per film – that's somewhere between £1,200 and £2,300 – the company will let you rent first-run films from the comfort of your tricked out mansion. Read More >>

We Go Hands-On With Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Here’s What’s Changed

Lovefilm Instant is dead, today replaced by Amazon Prime Instant Video, the online retail giant's revised movie and TV streaming service. As it turns out, you'd be forgiven for failing to notice that there's been any update at all. Read More >>

Netflix, Beware: LoveFilm Instant Becomes Amazon Prime Instant Video in the UK

If you like your movie streaming services with added one-day delivery and ebook borrowing options, you're in luck. Amazon has announced that LoveFilm Instant is to be combined with Amazon Prime from February 26th, becoming Prime Instant Video, Britain's "largest subscription streaming service". Read More >>

Cheaper Netflix Subscription Options are in Testing

Prefer your movie streaming in standard definition rather than HD, and find yourself bewildered by the possibilities of streaming TV shows to more than one device at once? Then a new, "entry-level" Netflix subscription option could be just what you need to lapse back into Christmas boxset binge-viewing habits. Read More >>

LoveFilm Instant For iPhone and iPod Touch is Finally Ready to Stream

And about time too, right? Though the LoveFilm Instant streaming app for iPad has been knocking around for ages, until now iPod Touch or iPhone users have been unable to access the service's library on the go. That all changes today with the launch of a free LoveFilm Instant app dedicated to those platforms. Read More >>