Streaming Movie Service That Costs £1,900-a-Flick Struggles to Find Enough Plutocrats

Members of the jet-set who are too good to mix with the filthy hoi polloi can now pay a $15,000 (£11,500) fee and $2,500 (£1,900) per movie to skip the local Alamo Drafthouse and watch first-run films in the comfort of their gilded estates via Red Carpet Home Cinema, which launched in October. Its reverse-Moviepass business model is not going as well as planned, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

Netflix Apparently Wants to Buy Its Own Theaters, and Honestly That’s a Good Idea

Netflix wants to get into the cinema business, according to a new report from The Los Angeles Times. Anonymous sources told the paper that the Los Gatos-based entertainment giant pursued a deal to buy the Mark Cuban-owned Landmark Theaters but ultimately backed out due to a high sale price. While it might sound wild that a company that got its start sending DVDs by mail now wants to sell popcorn and movie tickets, the idea actually makes a lot of sense. Read More >>

Massive Panoramic Screens are the Movie Revolution 3D Never Could Be

TVs are getting bigger, their resolutions higher, and overall, home cinema systems are giving people a reason to stay at home. So to reel people back in to the box office, Hollywood is taking a cue from the 60s by installing even bigger screens in cinemas. Read More >>