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The Uncanny Sound Illusion That Creates Suspense in Christopher Nolan’s Movies 

Ever notice how Christopher Nolan’s movies (Interstellar, Inception, The Prestige) feel like an anxiety attack? Well, maybe that’s overstating things a bit. But the director does have a knack for creating an unnerving degree of tension. Turns out he’s using a little bit of musical magic to do it. Read More >>

Wonder Woman’s Big Bad Almost Looked a Lot More Intimidating

There’s a lot of things to love about Wonder Woman—but the movie’s climactic battle between Diana and Ares is one of the weaker aspects of the film, with many ridiculing the God of War’s mustachioed visage popping out from under his spiky helmet. It turns out that Ares could’ve looked a lot meaner. Read More >>

The John Wick Cinematic Universe Is Beginning to Expand

Lionsgate just bought a script they’re hoping will serve as a new chapter in the John Wick cinematic universe. Read More >>

Three Directors Emerge As Frontrunners to Direct Bond 25

The recent announcement of the 25th James Bond movie coming out in November 2019 included a decided lack of information beyond that. No star, no studio, and no director. Daniel Craig is expected to return though and, now, we have an idea of who may direct. Read More >>

Disney Is Building Facial Recognition to Figure Out When You’ll Laugh During Toy Story 5

The Walt Disney Company is using AI to determine how much audiences enjoy every single moment of their films. Read More >>

New Film Marjorie Prime Stars Jon Hamm as a Sexy Computer Program

There’s nothing more painful than losing a loved one. But what if you didn’t ever have to lose them? That’s the future imagined Marjorie Prime, starring Lois Smith as the titular Marjorie, a woman who uses a computer program to create an artificial intelligence that simulates her husband, played by Jon Hamm, after his death. Read More >>

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Here Is Scientific Proof That Moustaches Could’ve Made Batman v Superman Better

This week we heard about the news that is rocking the production of Justice League to its very core: Henry Cavill’s Mission Impossible-mandated mustache must be digitally edited out of scenes being filmed during reshoots. But, as this delightful video shows, couldn’t a movie be improved by extra moustaches? Read More >>

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Remixed Star Wars Sound Effects Create the Catchiest Song of the Summer

The Star Wars franchise has some of the most iconic and recognisable sound effects, from the whoosh of a lightsaber to the bleeps and bloops of R2-D2. So it’s no surprise that musician Eclectic Method has returned to this wonderful pool of sonic samples to create yet another catchy track you’ll be playing on repeat for the rest of the day. Read More >>

Wonder Woman 2 Will Be in Cinemas December 2019

Warner Bros. just made it official. Diana Prince will ring in Christmas on December 13th, 2019. Read More >>

The Justice League Movie Is Currently Battling Henry Cavill’s Moustache

Justice League has been working overtime in England on its reshoots, being helmed by Joss Whedon in the wake of Zach Snyder’s unfortunate exit from production. A new report details some of the trials and tribulations the film is having reuniting its league movie stars, but there’s one hairy detail in particular that has us intrigued. Read More >>

A Breakdown of All the Clues, ’80s References, and Surprises in the Ready Player One Trailer

The debut trailer for Ready Player One came out during San Diego Comic-Con, and it gave Gunters and newbies alike a lot to look forward to. It’s full of footage that hints how Steven Spielberg’s adaptation will stay faithful to, and stray away from, Ernest Cline’s nerdy novel. We’ve broken it all down for you, and here’s everything we found. Read More >>

We Know When the Next James Bond Is Coming Out, But Literally Nothing Else About It

Yesterday, Eon Productions and MGM sent out a four-sentence press release announcing that the next James Bond movie will hit UK cinemas on November 8th, 2019. That’s it. There was literally nothing else. That’s weird... but it’s also telling. Read More >>

Which Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Do You Think Are Secretly Skrulls?

When Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige announced that the Captain Marvel origin film is going to be set in the ‘90s and involve Carol Danvers fighting Skulls, we were surprised and left with a number of burning questions. Where was Carol during the Battle of New York or Ultron’s attack? Also, waiiaminute—did you say Skrulls? Read More >>

Thor Ragnarok’s Big Flame Beastie Surtur Will be Played by Shawshank Actor Clancy Brown

Thor Ragnarok is going to be ridiculous fun when it launches in UK cinemas on October 27. If Comic-Con footage of a surprisingly talkative Hulk didn't already tickle your fancy, perhaps the news that "the hardest screw that ever walked a turn at Shawshank" will voice the film's big-ass fire beastie will. Read More >>