henry cavill
Henry Cavill’s Superman May Return to the DC Universe (With or Without Facial Hair)

The DC expanded universe gang is (kind of, sort of) getting back together. Reports surfaced last night that Man of Steel and Justice League star Henry Cavill is in talks to return as Superman. Read More >>

Everything We Know About Zack Snyder’s Justice League

When 2017’s Justice League hit cinemas it didn’t really  have the impact Warner Bros. intended. The film was widely slammed for its muddy plot and visuals, poor scripting and jarring edits. Its production was fraught with a number of challenges, including the sudden departure of original director Zack Snyder following a family tragedy. Read More >>

The Period Sci-Fi Drama The Vast of Night Has a Fascinating Origin Story

There’s no way The Vast of Night is made by a first-time filmmaker. There’s just no way. It’s so beautifully constructed. So expertly shot. So tactfully acted. It’s the work of a talent with years and years of experience under their belt, right? Wrong. And we had a chance to speak with the person behind it all. Read More >>

Avatar Filmmakers Are Slipping Back Into New Zealand Under Coronavirus Travel Exemptions

The only country that’s seemingly halted the spread of the novel coronavirus could screw it up – for Avatar. New Zealand’s economic development minister revealed under questioning that he’s been using little known powers around the country’s strict foreign travel ban to issue hundreds of exemptions for “high value foreigners,” apparently including James Cameron’s Avatar sequels crew. Read More >>

All 9 Planet of the Apes Movies, Ranked

The ongoing pandemic has taught us a lot about how selfish and greedy humans can really be. One might even start to wonder...maybe it’stime  to give another species their shot? With a new Planet of the Apes movie in the works, we decided to rank all the entries in the iconic sci-fi series so far. Read More >>

star wars
The Best Things The Empire Strikes Back Introduced to Star Wars

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back has been around for so long, it’s easy to forget how much it changed Star Wars. In the 40 years since its release, all of the sequel’s characters, planets, ships, and ideas have become core pieces of the franchise. But upon release, no one knew what a Force Ghost was. Or who Lando Calrissian was. And that’s just the tip of the ice planet. Read More >>

Maybe AT-ATs Aren’t as Daft as They Look

AT-ATs, one of the most visually iconic markers of the Empire’s military reign, have one serious problem: their big daft stupid fragile legs. You know, the ones that can be stopped with the application of a particularly taut rope. But maybe they’re not as big of a problem as they appear? Read More >>

Helena Bonham Carter and Sam Neill Star in a Short Film About a Sentient Phone

One thing that global isolation has been good for (other than not getting sick) is the wave of lo-fi homemade short films from the sort of people who would normally be starring in, y’know, big expensive movies instead of making silly movies for Twitter. Read More >>

The Writer of Back to the Future: Part II Blames Universal for Netflix’s Weirdly Censored Version of the Film

If you'd watched Back to the Future: Part II when it first hit Netflix in the U.S. this week, you might have noticed a little something was missing. According to the writer of the series, it wasn’t exactly Netflix’s fault. Read More >>

Will Smith’s Hancock is a Fascinating Mess of a Superhero Movie

The summer of 2008 was a landmark for superhero cinema. That summer started with the release of Iron Man, the film that kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It continued with The Incredible Hulk, the second film in the MCU, and then ended with The Dark Knight, a powerful, provocative, ultra-successful Batman sequel that has influenced seemingly every comic book movie since. But there was another. Read More >>

Jurassic World: Dominion is Definitely Not the Planned End of the Series, Says Producer

If you were wondering, will we, as a people, ever escape from the spectre of velociraptors and Tyrannosaurus rexes chasing us through spectacular pyrotechnic conflagrations? The answer is, absolutely not. Read More >>

12 Delightfully Freaky Horror Movies From the 1960s

You’ve seen Night of the Living Dead, Psycho, and Rosemary’s Baby. But have you seen a pre-Star Trek William Shatner being chased by a succubus in a movie filmed entirely in Esperanto? Or a made-in-Japan (with a non-Japanese cast) alien creature feature with the grooviest theme song ever? Read on! Read More >>