The First Trailer for Mowgli Offers a Darker Take on The Jungle Book

Two years ago, Disney rebooted its own beloved take on Rudyard Kipling’s iconic novel with a CG-strewn re-imagining of its classic (and significantly lighter) animated adaptation. But now another adaptation of Kipling’s story is on the way, with a much different, and altogether darker, take on the laws of the jungle. Read More >>

George Lucas Contributed a Small but Significant Character Moment to Solo 

When George Lucas makes a suggestion about Han Solo, you listen. That was Ron Howard’s thought, at least, during the production of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Lucas, who created not just the character Han Solo but the franchise itself, was visiting the set one day and offered up a suggestion on how to change the scene. It’s not a spoiler, if you’re concerned about that. Read More >>

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You Will Never Be the Same After Watching the Red Band Trailer for The Happytime Murders

Prostitution, drug use, murder, and more, all from the makers of Sesame Street and The Muppets. Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your childhoods, this is The Happytime Murders. Read More >>

The Lego Movie 2 Just Got a New Title and a Logo

It's been four years since The Lego Movie hit cinema screens, and proved that toy lines could be successful film franchises without having to involve Michael Bay and his explosion fetish. Naturally the film spawned a direct spin-off, a spin-off that isn't really a spin-off, and a sequel that's due next year. That sequel is what we're interested in now, since it's just been given a new title and an official logo. Read More >>

Our 10 Favourite Surprises in Deadpool 2, Ranked

Deadpool 2 is packed with references and jokes about every single genre and property imaginable (and some unimaginable, too). We’re going with quality over quantity instead: these are our favourite surprises — the characters, references, one-liners, and more — in a film chock full of truly wonderful batshit insanity. Read More >>

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This Fan Trailer is a Beautiful Ode to the Haunted Beauty of Watership Down

A story of anthropomorphised rabbits is one of the most beloved and memorable animated films in the history of the medium. This fan trailer, using footage from Watership Down and its followup The Plague Dogs, is a fantastic and emotional ode to the classic. Read More >>

Get Out Wins a Nebula Award, Reinforcing Jordan Peele’s Place Among Today’s Best Genre Creators 

Get Out, one of the best films of last year (and absolutely one of our favourites), has another award to add to its long list: a Nebula. Read More >>

A Guide to Deadpool 2’s X-Force, and Their Comic Origins

Deadpool 2 is upon us, in which the Merc with a Mouth has to form a team of his own to fight off Cable—the X-Force. The team has an important history in the comics, and although Deadpool 2's version is a little different, it’s still packed with new faces that have some Marvel Comics history. Here’s what you should know before sitting down in cinemas. Read More >>

Deadpool 2’s Original End Credit Scenes Were Going to Be Outrageous

The end credits scene of Deadpool 2 is one of the most memorable in superhero history. And, don’t worry, we aren’t going to spoil it. But the film’s writers recently spoke about two other scenes they imagined for the credits that didn’t make it into the film — and they’re just as outrageous, if not more so. Read More >>

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How to Choose Between iTunes and Google Play Movies & TV

We live in an age where a huge library of film and TV show content can be yours at the click of a button, but once you’ve decided what you want to buy and keep forever, you’ve got a choice of where to get it from. Here we’ll explain the pros and cons of two of the biggest digital stores in the business, Google Play Movies & TV and Apple’s iTunes. Read More >>

For Zombieland’s 10th Anniversary, the Traditional Gift Is a Sequel

We’re nearing Zombieland’s tin anniversary, but you don’t have to worry about getting the screenwriters a present. In fact, to celebrate the horror comedy’s 10-year anniversary, they’ve decided to give us something: Another Zombieland. Read More >>

Netflix: We’re Going to Have Churned Out 1,000 Originals By the End of the Year

Streaming giant Netflix, which has been aggressively pursuing an original content strategy at the same time it’s lost a great deal of its licensed content, says it is on track to have created over 1,000 original shows and movies by the end of the year. Read More >>

All the Easter Eggs and References We Spotted in Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 has finally arrived. Well it arrived in the UK yesterday, and it isn't set to reach the USA until Friday. Sucks to be them i suppose, because it means they have to wait around while we get to go and see it two, maybe three times. As is to be expected from any Marvel film, especially one filled with as much fourth wall breaking and meta humour as the Deadpool franchise, there were plenty of easter eggs and references you may have missed. Here's our rundown of everything we spotted the first time around. Read More >>

Margot Kidder, Who Defined Lois Lane for a Generation, Has Passed Away

Margot Kidder, the woman whose performance perfectly captured the essence of The Daily Planet’s most fearless reporter, passed away on Sunday at her home in Montana. Read More >>