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Building a Gigantic Blender is the Best Use For an Unwanted Lawnmower

What do you do when you move into a house without a lawn and no longer have any need for your electric mower? That’s easy, you strip it down and use its spinning blade to build an over-sized blender that can slice and dice much more than just chunks of ice. Read More >>

Lawn Care is a Performance, Not a Chore, With This Lovely Push Mower

Why would you choose a push mower over a petrol or electric-driven model? Besides providing a better workout, they're easier to maintain, and easier to store. And in the case of designer Joe McWha's Little Mow, they can actually look more like a piece of modern art than just a lawn care tool. Read More >>

Find Out How Many Goats (or Guinea Pigs) It Would Take to Mow Your Lawn

As fun as it is to cut your lawn with a riding mower, they can be expensive to operate and maintain. Even the push variety end up costing you in the manual labour department, so you might want to consider putting a team of animals to the task. Read More >>