Firefox May Soon Start Publicly Shaming Sites With Crappy Security

In the constant battle to ensure your privacy online, there are some precautions you can take to protect yourself, such as avoiding clicking random links and using different passwords for every site. But other measures require some help from the websites you visit, and based on a hidden option found in the latest Firefox beta, Mozilla may start publicly shaming websites that are still clinging on to HTTP. Read More >>

After Blowback, Firefox Will Move Mr. Robot Extension to Store

This week, Mozilla slipped a browser extension that promoted Mr. Robot into Firefox. The goal was to give Firefox users access to an alternate reality game tied to the end of the show’s third season, but because Firefox didn’t initially offer any explanation for the sudden appearance of the extension, nicknamed Looking Glass, many users worried that spyware had been installed in their browsers. Read More >>

Mozilla Slipped a ‘Mr. Robot’-Promo Plugin into Firefox and Users Are Not Happy

Mozilla sneaked a browser plugin that promotes Mr. Robot into Firefox—and managed to upset a bunch of its privacy-conscious users in the process. Read More >>

How to Switch Browsers Without Losing Everything

Impressed with the new spit and polish of Firefox Quantum? Or ready to return to the warm embrace of Safari? We now carry so much of our digital lives around with us in our browsers that switching isn’t all that straightforward—here’s how to make sure you take everything with you when you jump from one to the other. Read More >>

Mozilla is Fighting Stupid Copyright Laws By Bombarding EU Officials With Leaflets

Mozilla has decided the EU needs to sort its copyright laws out, so it's taken it upon itself to campaign on the behalf of everyone on the internet. Thanks, Mozilla, you're a real pal. Read More >>

In Kenya, Women’s Smartphone Access Is Controlled By Men

The differences in the way men and women use technology have been studied lots of times, but a new report from Mozilla shows that in some countries, that difference is downright depressing. Read More >>

What the Hell Happened to Mozilla and Firefox?

Mozilla has a new logo, the latest step in the plan the company announced last year to rebrand itself in an effort to stay relevant despite plunging usage of its key product: the internet browser Firefox. Somewhere out there is a designer who still uses Adobe Pagemaker and is very proud of their work on this logo. Read More >>

Four Easy Tricks to Make Firefox Run Faster

Mozilla Firefox was helping web users avoid Internet Explorer long before Google Chrome arrived, and it’s still going strong. Like all apps though, it can slow down over time. Here are four quick ways you can try to get the spring back in Firefox’s step. Read More >>

Mozilla Begs Court for Details About Paedophile Tor Hack to Keep Firefox Safe

In 2015, the FBI hacked Tor to identify users of child sex websites. Now, Mozilla is begging courts to divulge to it how the operation was carried out so that it can ensure its code for Firefox remains secure. Read More >>

Firefox Finally Goes 64-Bit on Windows

Weirdly, there’s never been a 64-bit version of Firefox until now. But if you’re running Windows 7 or later, you can now explore the internet with the browser while using twice its current 32 bits. Read More >>

Firefox OS Smartphones Are No More (But it’s No Great Loss)

Firefox OS -- you know, the smartphone operating system you’ve never used? -- will no longer exist as a mobile platform. Mozilla’s SVP of connected devices, Ari Jaaski, has announced that the company will cease development of Firefox OS handsets, as the software didn’t offer the best of user experiences. However, that’s not to say that Firefox OS is dead. Jaaski says it’ll continue to exist as an open source project. Read More >>

Firefox Release First Browser With In-Built IM

Mozilla has released Firefox 41 and it claims that the desktop version is the first browser to have a built-in instant messaging. Powered by WebRTC, it should let you IM if you use Windows, Mac or Linux. Read More >>

There’s a New Version of Flash Not Being Blocked

There’s a new version of Adobe Flash that Mozilla’s Firefox web browser isn’t blocking by default. It’s version, and you can get it right here. [Adobe] Read More >>

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10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Firefox Master

Firefox 35 is out with improvements large and small. If you've never tried out Mozilla's alternative web browser, or you're tempted to come back to it after a break, here are 10 software tips that will make your experience with Firefox all the more productive and rewarding. You can download the latest version of the application from the official site. Read More >>

Report: Mozilla Will Get Firefox on iOS

For a long time, Apple hasn't allowed Firefox to appear on iOS. Now, Mozilla wants to changes that. Read More >>