Mozilla Will Automatically Zap Annoying Notification Prompts

Notification permission prompts are, to put it lightly, annoying as hell. Just because you regularly visit a website, doesn’t mean you want them to bombard you with pop-up notifications. To combat the issue, Mozilla has decided Firefox 72 will automatically block such notifications, shunting them to a small icon in the URL bar. Read More >>

Mozilla is Bringing Back Its Beta Program and First up is Its New VPN

A new Firefox extension will give users an added layer of privacy although it's only rolling out in the US for now for Firefox desktop users. Read More >>

Google Wants It Both Ways

Google is facing a flurry of backlash after announcing plans to protect user privacy by continuing to allow cookies in Chrome in a proposal it calls the Privacy Sandbox. This felt like a surprise, since the company suggested in May that it would “update how cookies are handled in Chrome.” Since Apple, Mozilla, and Microsoft are all moving away from tracking users through cookies, it seemed like Google would do the same. But nah. Cookies are good for advertisers, and Google makes a tonne of money selling ads. Read More >>

Mozilla’s Tweaking Firefox’s Password Manager to Tell You When Saved Logins Have Been Stolen

You can’t spend hours combing through archives of breached data to see if your login credentials were leaked, so Mozilla’s rebranded in-browser password manager, Lockwise, will soon notify users if their saved usernames or passwords were exposed in a data breach, and recommend that they change them. Read More >>

Mozilla to Launch Premium Firefox Browser With Ad-Free News for £4 a Month

No one likes ads, and Firefox is banking on that hatred. On Friday, Mozilla announced a forthcoming premium version of its Firefox browser with ad-free news articles—and offer some other features—for $5 (£3.99, UK price TBA) a month. Read More >>

Mozilla Has a New Tool for Tricking Advertisers Into Believing You’re Filthy Rich

If you notice the ads being served to you are eerily similar to stuff you were just browsing online, it’s not all in your head, and it’s the insidious truth of existing online without installing a bunch of browser extensions. But there’s now a tool that, while comically absurd in execution, can stick it to the man (advertisers) by effectively disguising your true interests. Hope you like tabs. Read More >>

A Premium Version of Firefox Is Coming, Mozilla CEO Says – Would You Pay for It?

For more than a decade, we’ve been able to count on one crucial piece of software being available entirely for free: web browsers. But that may soon change. Kind of. In an interview with German publican t3n spotted by the Next Web, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard said a premium Firefox is on its way sometime in fall this year. Read More >>

Firefox Deploys a Slew of New Privacy Features, Taking Aim at Facebook and Invasive Online Trackers

There are plenty of browsers to choose from, but two of the most popular, when it comes to privacy at least, are headed down radically divergent paths. Read More >>

New Firefox Competes With Chrome on Speed And Privacy

Mozilla launched a new version of Firefox today spotlighting its speed and privacy features as the San Francisco-based open source upstarts continue to compete against Google Chrome’s global browser dominance. Read More >>

privacy and security
The Dumb Truth About Google’s Privacy Push

Every big tech event in 2019 has a buzzword in common: privacy. Read More >>

Firefox Fixes Borked Extensions for Everyone but Legacy Users

If your Firefox add-ons were borked over the weekend, you’re not alone. Late on Friday, many Firefox users found that many extensions were suddenly useless or impossible to install after Mozilla pushed out an update to version 66.0.4 of its browser. Effectively, it left many users having to figure out their own workarounds to use their ad blockers, password managers, and many other types of extensions. Read More >>

Mozilla Calls Out Facebook for ‘Failing’ on Ad Transparency

Over at Facebook, it’s been a year of controversy and climbing profits. Read More >>

Mozilla Calls Out Apple’s iOS Tracking Tech

Apple’s ads and over the last year have been centred around one idea: privacy. The message is that the rest of the tech industry is screwing up while Apple is not. Read More >>

Firefox Will Soon Free You From Autoplay Hell

Few things are more annoying when surfing the internet than some random video autoplaying in one of your 10,000 open tabs. Thankfully, Firefox users will finally be able to automatically disable autoplay starting next month. Read More >>

It’s Time to Audit All the Extensions You’ve Installed on Your Browser

A lot of what we do on our computers goes through the browser, and that means any extensions you choose to add on top of that browser have a very privileged position: They can see where you’re going online, they can see the data you’re passing to and from the web, and they can send and receive data themselves. Read More >>