Just When You Thought Sony’s Quest to Revive the Walkman Couldn’t Get More Ridiculous 

High-resolution audio purportedly provides a vastly superior listening experience to the highly compressed MP3s we’ve all been downloading for years. Convincing people to ditch their massive music collections and carry around a separate high-res player hasn’t been easy for Sony, but surely high-res audio adoption will now skyrocket thanks to this new gold-plated Walkman, right? Read More >>

With HMV Re-Opened, Can You Teach An Old Music-Loving Dog New Tricks?

The first record I ever bought was from HMV. It was Weezer’s Green Album, and while I can’t pretend it was the moment that my obsession with music kicked off (I’ll put that down to the literal wall of CDs that acted as structural support for my older brothers’ bedroom), it is a moment that I remember incredibly vividly. And, for the record, its was a great album too. Read More >>

HMV’s New MP3 Download App Breaks Through Apple’s Walled Garden (Updated)

Returning to the high-street after wrestling with administrators at the start of the year, HMV's next big step is to crack the world of online sales and digital downloads -- arguably the area which caused the company's financial ruin in the first place. In a realm dominated by iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, that's no mean feat, but HMV has a trump card: its new MP3-selling app has managed to break through Apple's walled garden. Read More >>

Revisit Your Old CDs With Amazon’s AutoRip, Now Live in the UK

Amazon's AutoRip service is now live here, with the retail monster automatically giving buyers digital copies of any physical music they buy -- and backdating it to 1999. If nothing else, it's a good way to see what old CDs you bought 14 years ago. Read More >>

Hitstagram Adds That Warm, Scratchy Vinyl Feel to Your Lossless FLAC Files

Hitstagram is an exciting new way to add a layer of old school authenticity to your cold, modern digital music, with the forthcoming iOS and Android app generating convincing retro audio filters to soften today's harsh recordings. Read More >>

Music Site RnBXclusive Seized ‘n Closed by SOCA

There's a super-threatening warning currently up on the main page of what used to be, telling users their IP address is visible and that those who've previously downloaded titles from the site may face "up to 10 years imprisonment." Read More >>

Amazon UK Giving Away Music From the “Artists of 2012”

45 tracks, supposedly from the "Artists of 2012" but also including a handful of oldies from recently released compilations, are currently available for free over on Amazon UK's MP3 Downloads shop. If you're still young and enthusiastic enough to bother investigating new music, there's another late Christmas present. [Amazon UK] Read More >>