MPs Actually Want to Talk to Nick Clegg Now

Nick Clegg is actually getting invited to Westminster parties right now for once, but no one's going to be talking about proportional representation, coalitions or tuition fees. They want to talk to Clegg about his new job as proxy Mark Zuckerberg puppet for the EMEA region, with MPs lining up to ask him what Facebook is doing to combat the... harassment of... MPs. Read More >>

MPs Try Again to Get Zuckerberg Over For a Formal Chat

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee is having another go at persuading Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to come over for a terribly awkward chat about data and suchlike, and is hoping it has come up with a new carrot to dangle in front of him to make him pay the UK a visit – the Canadians are coming to this summit too, so there'll be people there speaking his language. Read More >>

MP Caught on Tape Playing Candy Crush During Committee Meeting

Tory MP Nigel Mills has been rumbled using his taxpayer-purchased parliamentary iPad to lessen the tedium of select committee meetings by doing some grinding in Candy Crush Saga, seemingly ignoring his colleagues in the works and pensions committee to hammer away at the important issue of fruit alignment. Read More >>

Government Ministers Banned From Tea and Biscuit Gravy Train

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles says serving MPs have been told to keep their fingers out of the complimentary governmental biscuit tin, explaining that hospitality offered to visitors is for visitors alone and suggesting MPs have been ordered to avoid eating Hobnobs at the taxpayer's expense. Read More >>

MPs Blew £250,000 on Some Rather Poor Portraits of Themselves

A bizarre new waste of money by those in power has been uncovered, revealing that members of the government paid £10,000 to commission a portrait of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and similar sums to immortalise the likes of William Hague and Diane Abbott in oil. Read More >>