Elon Musk: ‘I’m a Fucking Idiot’

Elon Musk admitted he is a “fucking idiot” for smearing a British cave diver that helped save a dozen kids as a “child rapist” in an email to a BuzzFeed reporter, court documents in the ensuing defamation trial show. Read More >>

After Blowback, Firefox Will Move Mr. Robot Extension to Store

This week, Mozilla slipped a browser extension that promoted Mr. Robot into Firefox. The goal was to give Firefox users access to an alternate reality game tied to the end of the show’s third season, but because Firefox didn’t initially offer any explanation for the sudden appearance of the extension, nicknamed Looking Glass, many users worried that spyware had been installed in their browsers. Read More >>

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HP’s New Network Security Video Stars Mr Robot

HP's slick new video series — promoting network printer security, of all things, and by proxy selling its own network printers — stars Christian Slater as the Wolf, a hacker taking down big businesses while dressed to impress. Read More >>

Mr. Robot’s Cast Hints at the Shocking Surprises to Come in Season Two

Mr. Robot is everywhere at Comic-Con, with huge ads for the show plastered on buses outside the convention centre. But I still overheard someone asking, “So ... is that a show about a robot?” Given the number of fans who packed into the panel yesterday, though, it seems the uninformed are in the minority at this point. Here’s what we learned from the show’s second season from its stars. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know Before Starting Mr. Robot’s Second Season

Have you met Mr. Robot? The enigmatic hacker and the show named for him snuck out last year, only to become one of TV’s most talked-about shows. The second season has arrived, but what if you haven’t had a chance to catch up on everything that happened in season one? Read More >>

Hackers Step in to Protect Mr Robot’s Vulnerable Website

Last week, a teaser website for the second season of much-loved hacking drama Mr Robot went live to promote the show, but unfortunately it wasn’t anywhere near as secure as lead character Elliot Alderson would surely have made it. Read More >>

Get Amazon Prime in the UK Now, While it’s Cheaper Than Netflix

Amazon’s got a special offer on Prime membership, and it’s one you should definitely take a look at. Until 18 November, you can get Prime for £59 instead of £79, which amounts to just under a fiver a month. Read More >>

Why Facebook is Evil, According to Mindblowing New Series Mr. Robot

The dark, psychological hacker drama Mr. Robot slayed audiences at South by Southwest, and now it’s been turned into a series. It’s one of those rare shows that actually seems to understand what’s corrupt and rotten at the heart of the tech industry — and wants to burn it all down. We talked to the show creator. Read More >>

This New Series About Hacking Could Actually Be Amazing

Here’s the teaser for the new hacker television series Mr. Robot that took the South by Southwest Film Festival by storm earlier this year. It’s sort of like a darker version of Hackers, with a tormented geek hero named Elliot who is tempted by Anonymous-like forces of chaos. Read More >>