Huge Advancement in MRI Tech Captures Teeny Molecules With Incredible Resolution

The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines in hospitals are great at creating pictures of the human body. For decades, scientists have hoped that the same technology could be used to examine much smaller things, like individual molecules. Now, a team from Canada and the United States has revealed a new, high-resolution MRI method with resolutions down to two nanometres, the width of a DNA strand. Read More >>

Man Carrying Oxygen Tank Dies After Being Sucked Into MRI Machine

MRI machines use a powerful magnetic field to produce internal images of the human body. The magnetic fields are so powerful that hospitals take great care to ensure no iron-containing metals come near the machines while they are in use. In rare cases, however, mistakes happen. This past weekend, an Indian man visiting a sick relative had the misfortune of carrying a metal oxygen cylinder into a hospital room where an MRI scanner was active, sucking him in and ultimately causing his death. Read More >>

Scientists Want to Do Some Crazy Physics Using Scrapped Medical Equipment 

An old MRI machine took a several-week boat journey around the world last week. Scientists are going to gut it, replace the bed, and try to understand the secrets of the universe with it — because, why not? Read More >>

Brains Of People With Schizophrenia Attempt Self-Repair: Study

Schizophrenia is a mysterious, misunderstood mental illness without a full cure. Now, researchers from the UK and China may have found a clue that could help to understand it better. Read More >>

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Looking Inside an Opera Singer’s Head With an MRI is So Freaky

For a never-before-seen look at how an opera singer is able to produce such an amazing sound, German baritone Michael Volle performed Song to the Evening Star from Wagner’s Tannhäuser during an MRI scan. Read More >>

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MRI of Mother and Child Shows Love Through The Eyes of Science

MIT neuroscientist Rebecca Saxe captured this stunning MRI image of herself and her child inside a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging scanner, creating an emotionally striking yet abstract work of art. Read More >>

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These Giant Magnets Are About to Start the Journey to Absolute Zero

Among many other things, General Electric makes the MRI machines that peek inside your body when something’s broken. To do so requires one very cold, very big magnet. Read More >>

This Nanobot Gun Could One Day Assemble Inside Your Body to Save You

One of science fiction’s biggest unfulfilled promises are medical nanobots: tiny little machines that will run around your body and right nature’s wrongs. Scientists from the University of Houston are setting out to change all of that, with an incredibly clever self-assembling robotic gun that can clear blockages or inject drugs from inside your body. Read More >>

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Hardcore Recycling: Using Old MRI Magnets in a Physics Lab

When magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners reach the end of their lifetime, hospitals have to deal with a large piece of electronic waste, stuffed with potentially dangerous parts. Unless a physics lab can make use of them. Read More >>

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MRI Video Reveals What it Actually Looks Like When You Crack Your Joints

It's one of the most addictive things humans can do. Everyone does it. And it feels so good when you get to do it. We're talking about cracking your joints. Researchers have always been curious as to where the sound of joints cracking comes from and put a hand under MRI to find out (and for us to see visualised in real time). They've figured it out. Read More >>

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The World’s Strongest MRI Will be Able to Pick Up a Tank

The stronger an MRI machine's magnetic field is, the better image resolution and refresh rates it is able to achieve. While most medical-grade MRIs today top out between 1.5 and 3 Tesla, the unit measure of magnetic field strength, GE has recently constructed a unit with the whopping power of 7 Tesla. But that's nothing compared to the power of the INUMAC. Read More >>

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This is How GE’s MRI Scanner Sees Your Brain

Magnetic Resonance Imaging has come a long way in the three decades since its inception in a GE research lab in upstate New York. In fact, the advancement in its capabilities over that time have been simply staggering. Just look at the image above. That's a picture of somebody's brain. Read More >>

New Airport Screening Method May Finally End the Absurd Liquid Ban

It looks like the days of shampoo bottles striking fear into the hearts of airport security everywhere might be numbered. Thanks to Los Alamos scientists, a new type of detection technology could give airports the tools they need to finally tell if a liquid is a potential threat—all with one simple scan. Read More >>