New Feature for Gmail Broadens Microsoft Office Compatibility

Gmail's new feature means you can now convert attached Microsoft Office files to Google Docs and edit them, all within your inbox. There's also support for 15 lesser-used MS Office filetypes, and increased support for tables and charts and the like. Happy spreadsheeting. [VentureBeat via The Verge] Read More >>

Report: Microsoft Office Is Finally Coming to iOS and Android in Early 2013

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft Office is finally coming out for Android and iOS early next year. Like, for real this time. Apparently, it's coming to iOS first in February or March, and will be available for Android soon thereafter in May. Read More >>

Google Buys Quickoffice to Launch Nuclear Attack on Microsoft

Google has made an interesting little move into Microsoft territory, announcing the acquisition of cross-platform mobile MS Office suite Quickoffice. Read More >>

New Trojans Use Old Tricks to Infiltrate Macs

The adage that Apples don't get viruses might soon prove to be false. Security analysts have identified a pair of Trojans aboard the computers of multiple Pro-Tibetan NGOs that appear to infiltrate Macs using the same exploit that's worked on Windows systems for years. Read More >>