The Next Big Windows Update Is Coming to Your Computer October 17th

Optimise your storage and back up your files because the next Windows Update is just around the corner. At the IFA Keynote in Berlin Terry Meyerson, VP of the Windows and Devices group, announced that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update would begin rolling out to compatible PCs October 17. Read More >>

Just How Dead Is Microsoft Paint?

This morning, Windows users woke to terrible news: Microsoft was reportedly axing its beloved Microsoft Paint. The program, which has been annotating our memes, creating our webcomics, and teaching us how to art since 1985, is on Microsoft’s list of Windows features to be removed or deprecated in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Read More >>

Microsoft Paint Gets a Huge 3D Overhaul

At this year’s October live event, Microsoft’s rallying cry has been “3D for everyone.” The unlikely standard bearer? An overhauled version of MS Paint, its legendary digital art tool. Read More >>

Microsoft Wants to Ruin MS Paint by Making It Useful

While the name MSPaint may conjure visions of crude penis drawings in primary colours, Microsoft wants you to think of something new—crude 3D renderings of Nemo. Read More >>

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This Oculus Rift App Turns Virtual Reality Into a 3D MS Paint

Oculus Rift's amazing virtual reality capabilities present a blank canvas for game developers. Thanks to Tilt Brush, the VR goggles could also give you a blank canvas for 3D doodling. It's like a holodeck for MS Paint! Read More >>

Using MS Paint to Show the Imagination of a Child Is So Adorable

Anyone with a ticking heart and an Instagram account takes too many pictures of their newborn. It's okay to be proud! It's okay to coo and adore and love and snap photos of your baby! But at a certain point, probably past the 700 mark, those pictures become variations of the same damn thing. Helpless baby lying on bed. Helpless baby lying on bed with mouth open. With arms raised. Crying. You get the point. Read More >>

This Wonderful Guy Will Paint Whatever Picture You Ask For in MS Paint

If you want a picture of a dinosaur drawing people in an art class. Jim'll paint it for you in MS Paint. If you want a picture of Moby throwing ninja stars at a 'melancholic' badger wearing specific clothing in a specific situation. Jim'll paint it for you in MS Paint. Jim will basically paint you anything in MS Paint and they will always be incredible. Read More >>

PornEdits Transforms Porn Scenes into Ridiculous Comics with MS Paint

I don't know what it is about MS Paint but it instantly lightens up any picture but it works magic. Just take a look at PornEdits, a website that takes porn scenes and transforms them into hilarious comics with the (lack of) power of MS Paint. I can't get enough of it. Read More >>

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Watch a Music Video of LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem Ridiculously Made with MS Paint

Like the hilarious Chris Brown Look at Me Now video before it, this music video of LMFAO's played too much Party Rock song is made completely with MS Paint. What's even better is that every lyric is literally interpreted so you'll see drawings of a rock with a party hat on inside a house when LMFAO goes, "Party rock is in the house tonight..." I love these video so much. [YouTube] Read More >>

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Watch a Music Video of Chris Brown’s Look at Me Now Hilariously Made with MS Paint

Tell me the first thing that pops in your head when I say: yellow bottle sipping, shit look like a toupee and suicide doors. Got it? Now watch this MS Paint-created music video of Chris Brown's Look at Me Now. It literally translates the lyrics into MS Paint graphics. I can't stop laughing. [BuzzFeed] Read More >>