M&S Has Made A ‘Love Sausage’ for Valentine’s Day

We're used to bonkers meat-based foods being released for Christmas, but Marks & Spencer has won the entire game with today's announcement of its Valentine's Day special, the Love Sausage: Read More >>

M&S is Replacing Call Centre Staff With AI

If a company isn't talking about getting itself on the blockchain, there's a good chance they're trying to get in on the other new big-business buzzword: artificial intelligence. M&S is the latest company to get in on the action, with plans to implement voice recognition and AI to help reroute customer calls. Read More >>

No One Told Paddington Bear to F*ck Off

Some people, perhaps even seriously, thought that M&S sneaked some swearing into its celebrity-packed 2017 Christmas advert, with the ad perhaps appearing to suggest the line "F*ck you, little bear" was said to Paddington at the end. Read More >>

Microsoft Paint is About to be Killed Off

Microsoft's popular and also unpopular Paint software -- pre-loaded within Windows for decades -- looks like it's about to be ditched from future versions of the desktop software. Read More >>

Marks and Spencer is Today’s Data Leakage Scandal Loser

A web site glitch on the portal of M&S let Shopper A see the personal details of Shopper B when logged in yesterday, with the shopping giant taking its entire web presence down last night while it worked out exactly what had gone wrong. Read More >>

TalkTalk, British Gas and M&S Cyber Attacks: What to do if Your Account has Been Hacked

TalkTalk, M&S and British Gas have had some serious security issues over the last couple of weeks, with millions of customers' personal details potentially stolen. That’s really fucking bad. Though you might not be able to change the past, there are a few steps you can take to try and protect yourself. Remember, time is of the essence. Read More >>

M&S Guarantees a Double-Yolker in Every Twice-as-Expensive Egg

The thrill of finding a double-yolker in your eggs is about to be ruined by M&S, which has come up with a way to check for double-yolk eggs and make sure there's six in every single box. Read More >>

M&S Builds “Lifestyle” App for Samsung Smart TVs

That image up there is the aspirational lifestyle of the average Marks & Spencer shopper, as presented through the shopping chain's new app for Samsung Smart TVs. Read More >>