The Guy Who Oversaw Mt. Gox’s Catastrophic Meltdown Could Get Very Rich

Mark Karpelès, the former chief of spectacularly failed Japanese Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, is on trial in Japan on charges he embezzled millions from the company before its collapse. He, Mt. Gox, and his current company Tibanne (which owns 88 per cent of Mt. Gox) are all bankrupt. Read More >>

Scammers and Sceptics are Strangling the Future of Digital Money

Bitcoin devotees and other cryptocurrency fans say that maths gives their radical ideas so much potential. But starting a new value system also requires a level of faith in the people using the maths. As “sh*tcoin” scams pile up, it’s becoming clear that new currencies need trust, too. And they don’t have it. Read More >>

Report Suggests Mt. Gox Bitcoin Loss Was an Inside Job

It's been almost a year since the bitcoin locker Mt. Gox went offline and took its digital currency with it. Now, a report in Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper claims that 99 per cent of the cryptocurrency that went missing from Mt. Gox falls were a result of "internal system manipulation". Read More >>

Bitcoin Exchanges are Being Investigated Over Silk Road Drug Money

Back in April, the Silk Road defence lawyer Joshua Dratel tried to save his client, Ross Ulbricht, by throwing Bitcoin under the bus. Now, the FBI is investigating Mt. Gox and a number of other bitcoin exchanges in connection with Silk Road. Read More >>

Mt. Gox Gives Up and Files for Liquidation

The failed bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has given up on its plan to rise from the ashes under bankruptcy protection. Instead, according to the Wall Street Journal, it's asked a Tokyo court for permission to be liquidated. Read More >>

Mt. Gox Found Over £70 Million of Bitcoin in a Random Wallet

Bitcoin is big money. When Mt. Gox went down, hundreds of millions in bitcoin disappeared. Now, the trouble exchange just happens to have stumbled into 200,000 'coin it thought was lost, or roughly $116 million (£70 million). Read More >>

Hackers Claim Mt. Gox Still Has Investors’ Bitcoins

The Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy protection last week admitting to an outstanding debt of around $63.6 million (£38 million). Now, a team of hackers claims that the company still has investors' bitcoins. Read More >>

The Six Biggest Bitcoin Heists in History

Ever since a single Bitcoin became worth a small fortune, there have been people trying to steal them. Sure, there have some small-time thieves who've stolen a few hundred pounds worth of Bitcoin here and there. But there have also been heists. Massive, highly orchestrated attacks that lead to millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency changing hands. And they just keep happening. Read More >>

The Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Has Disappeared

After concerns arose yesterday, it now appears that the Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has gone offline entirely—taking the Bitcoin in its possession with it. Read More >>