Jony Ive is Finally Free

Jony Ive is leaving Apple, per a press release from the company. The designer, who joined Apple back in 1992, is departing to start his own design firm, with Apple as a primary client. Read More >>

The Cursed History of NYC MetroCards

If you’ve ridden the New York City subway, you know the feeling. You buy a flimsy plastic card that lets you ride the train, and when you try to swipe it at the turnstile, it doesn’t work. You swipe again. The machine asks you to swipe again. You swipe again. The machine asks you to swipe again at the same turnstile. This can go on for hours, until you beg an MTA employee to let you through. That’s the cursed MetroCard experience, and as of last week, its days are numbered. Read More >>

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Driverless Bus Goes on Rolling Rampage in Brooklyn

Everybody makes mistakes. Like, for instance, let’s say you drive a bus, and you just finished a night shift, and you stop, and you’re tired, and maybe you accidentally put the bus in neutral instead of park on top of a hill, and you hop off and start walking home. And, yes, maybe the bus starts rolling down the hill. It’s an honest mistake. Could happen to anyone. Read More >>

Amazon Axes Subway Ads for Nazi-Inspired Show

Following some backlash from the patrons of the New York City underground train system, e-commerce giant Amazon seems to have twigged that plastering dystopian Nazi imagery across subway carriages wasn't a great plan. Or, was it a brilliant ruse to get lots of promotion for the new Amazon-Studios-original show? Read More >>

These Enormous Caverns Below NYC are Starting to Look Like Train Tunnels

It's been several months since we last checked in with New York City's perennially delayed, incredibly expensive infrastructural wonder: The East Side Access project, a plan to build a new station beneath Grand Central station that will connect Manhattan and Queens. Deep below the city, work continues—and now, the MTA has given us an update. Read More >>

A Subterranean Stroll Through NYC’s Newest Train Tunnel

New York City's new 2nd Avenue subway line is a construction project of truly monumental scale. Decades of planning and billions of dollars have led to the near-completion of Phase 1 of the tunnel running underneath Manhattan's Upper East Side. Gizmodo was lucky enough to take a tour through a section of the caverns and passages that will soon be a bustling subway line. Read More >>

Credit Card-Reading Spy Camera Found in the NYC Subway

Credit card thieves seem to come up with a new way to steal your personal information every day. The latest ploy: a card-reading spy camera, hiding above the MetroCard machine. Read More >>

The Colossal Railway That’s Quietly Taking Shape 160 Feet Below NYC

Maybe the US can't build the world's deepest undersea tunnel in seven years like some cities, but New York still has some serious mega-construction chops. Behold: The latest photos from 120 feet below Grand Central Station, where workers are building the largest public transportation project in the US. Read More >>