MTV UK is Rebooting Cribs

Bizarre noughties satellite TV phenomenon Cribs is to make a return to UK screens, as our local division of MTV is preparing an eight-episode return of the bizarre artform of seeing inside the refrigerators, and beneath the well-worn super king size beds and overly ornate headboards of the successful modern pop star. Read More >>

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MTV Helicopter Breaks Record For Largest Aerial Projection

To help promote its Video Music Awards that aired over the weekend, MTV employed a novel approach to aerial advertising. Instead of having a plane pulling a large banner, it used a pair of helicopters to create a flying cinema screen that the Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed as the world’s largest aerial projection. Read More >>

MTV Launching MTV +20 Years

MTV is about to rebrand its VH1 Classic channel and tighten its remit a little, turning it into MTV Classic and having it concentrate less on Fleetwood Mac and more on Eminem, Daria and Pimp My Ride. Read More >>

Here Are the Latest Very Bad Things to Happen to Twitter

The Death of Twitter has be proclaimed over and over in some form since 2009. Eulogies ramped up over the last year, when its monthly active user count stalled, its executives left en masse, and the prospect of changes led users to revolt with the hashtag #RIPTwitter. Read More >>

Bless the World, MTV Cribs is Coming Back Thanks to Snapchat

Some people like to claim that MTV’s heyday was back when it actually showed music, rather than the reality TV programming. Those people have clearly never watched MTV Cribs, the crown jewel of the televised Naughties, featuring celebrities showing off their homes. Among other things, it produced the spectacle of Mariah Carey bathing in a towel and Ja Rule casually partying with Redman, Lucacris, and Vin Diesel in a house that apparently wasn’t his. Read More >>

Would You Watch MTV for £2 a Day?

Because that's the big idea of MTV UK's new streaming service, which gives users a pay-as-you-go option when it comes to watching its range of intellectually stimulating documentary programming about the history of World War II. Read More >>