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We Finally Figured Out How To Make Realistic CG Mud

Jurassic Park had just six minutes of computer-generated dinosaurs in it, compared to modern blockbusters which can have thousands of shots requiring complex visual effects. It’s no surprise that animators are eager to embrace any shortcut they can—which is why realistic-looking CG mud could be a game changer. Read More >>

Mud Runners Celebrate Achievement With Mass Vomiting and Diarrhoea

Those smug people posting photos of themselves all covered in mud on Facebook after running about outside for a bit aren't feeling so good about the achievement today, as dozens of people who took part in the X-runner mud run in Nottingham last weekend are still puking and pooing themselves empty after catching something nasty from the stagnant water. Read More >>

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What Do You Think Happens When a Tank Smashes Into a Giant Mud Puddle?

It's like watching Shamu in the splash zone -- only worse, because it's dirty, filthy mud that gets splattered all across your body. But come on, giant tank + mud puddle? You already know what's coming. Mud for you! Mud for me! Mud for everyone! [The Awesomer] Read More >>