iOS 9 Just Made the iPad More Work Friendly With Multitasking

At last, Apple introduced multitasking apps on iOS 9 for iPad, which means you can work with more than one application at once. This is a godsend for iPad users. Read More >>

How Android’s Multitasking Experience Could Be Even Better

Lately I've been thinking about the multitasking experience on Android, and I feel like there's still a lot to improve on. I love how the thumbnails come up, but in 4.2.2 they made it so that the current app joined the list of "Recent Apps". This looks great on phones and small-sized tablets, but it looks really bad on large tablets (ie. Nexus 10) in landscape mode. Here's how to make it better. Read More >>

The Next iOS Needs to Look Like This

It's not a good sign when the best iOS features are imaginary ones designed by people who aren't getting paid to do it instead of, you know, Apple. Like this revamped vision for iPhone multitasking. Apple, steal this now. Read More >>

Auxo jailbreak multitasking tweak
That Awesome iPhone Multitasking Tweak Is Now Available For Download

The fantastic Auxo is basically how Apple should do multitasking on the iPhone, and while Cupertino's not going to do it anytime soon, at least you can now screw Apple and download and install it yourself. All you need is a jailbroken iPhone, Cydia, and £1.30. Take note Apple. Buy this right now, and bake it into iOS. [Auxo via LifeHacker] Read More >>

Auxo jailbreak multitasking tweak
This Is How Apple Should Do Multitasking on the iPhone

If you ever thought that Apple's implementation of 'multitasking' sucked, you weren't alone. Now you can do something about it, because frankly, this awesome jailbreak tweak called Auxo is precisely how Apple should do it. In fact, Apple, just buy this and integrate it, now. Read More >>

ipad apps
That Awesome Microsoft Courier Folding-Tablet Concept Has Been Reborn as an iPad App

Remember that awesome Courier folding tablet concept from the father of the Xbox that Microsoft killed in favour of Windows 8? It’s finally available (kind of) in iPad app form, which lets you go split-screen on your Apple tablet for some proper multitasking. Read More >>