Leatherman’s New One-Handed Wonder Is All You Need

The memory of buying my first Leatherman is unusually clear in my head. I was 16, broke, and incredibly passionate about backpacking in the mountains. That year, Leatherman announced a new multitool called the Wave, and the big deal feature was that some folks could open it with one hand, a trick I thought would impress my outdoorsy friends. So I saved up dishwashing money, scoured the dial-up internet, and scored a used one on eBay. I loved that Leatherman Wave for over a decade. Never could open it one-handed very well. Read More >>

That Multitool Hair Clip Now Hides a Bottle Opener and Nail File

The original Clippa replaced the Leatherman hanging off your belt with an ingenious but near-invisible multi-function hair clip. And now there’s a new version of the tool that swaps a serrated edge for a metal file, and a bottle opener for a hex wrench. Read More >>

This Titanium Card is the Ultimate Do-It-All Wallet

Nobody likes a fat wallet, especially a fat boring wallet with no real tactical capabilities. Read More >>

It Turns Out the Straight Line Isn’t the Most Useful Tetris Piece

If someone asked you what the most coveted Tetris piece was, you'd instantly say the straight line, right? After all, you're always building your stack to leave a thin gap down one side so that when a straight piece does fall, you can clear out four rows at once. But in real life, at least thanks to this multitool, the T-shaped tetromino is far more useful. Read More >>

A Better Multitool Adds a Napkin Holder, Spritzer, and Flash Drive

Victorinox and Wenger have owned the Swiss army knife industry for decades, but who really needs an orange peeler, corkscrew, or a nail file on their multi-tool? The folks at a Scandinavian company called Clas Ohlson feel the Swiss army knife is due for an upgrade with more useful accessories, so they've created the (freakishly huge) Uniquely Useful Tool that includes—among other implements—a flash drive, a magnet, a paper clip, and even a tiny spray bottle. Read More >>

Ultra-Slim Multitools Are a Smuggler’s Dream Come True

Stat Key, makers of fine novelty-shaped keys, is expanding its brand to include a line of ultra-thin and ultra-simple tools called the Every Day Carry Multitools. Made from stainless steel covered in military grade anticorrosive ceramic, there's a good chance the Stat EDC tools will outlive you. Read More >>

This Multitool Is Even More Useful Without a Blade

A multi-use pocket tool without a knife sounds like hardware heresy. But without a blade the cleverly named Get-A-Way Driver still manages to be more useful than most multitools. Don't worry, though; it can still open bottles. Read More >>