Ancient Parasite Found in Mummy Autopsy Tells a Timeless Horror Story

Who among us hasn’t drunkenly slung back a few raw oysters at a summer barbecue, or kicked back some uncooked clams just to feel alive? While it’s usually okay to enjoy a slimy shellfish or six, remains from very dead, mummified man show what happens when things go awry. Read More >>

New Mummy X-Rays Let You Peer Right Inside Ancient Egyptian Bodies

A new set of visualisation of x-ray data allow scientists—and the public—to undress ancient Egyptian mummies, peel back their skins and see (virtually) inside. The results looks as terrifying as you might expect. Read More >>

The Secret of Weight Loss May Be In 3,000-Year-Old Mummy Poop

Scientists may have found one of the keys to weight loss hiding in the poop of 3,000-year-old mummies. The bacterial DNA found in their guts is very different from our modern intestinal flora. Read More >>