US Cable Giant Comcast Outbids Fox’s Offer to Buy Sky

We already know that Murdoch-owned Fox made a deal to buy out the 61% of Sky it doesn't already own has long been in the works, but today a rival bid has landed on the table. Comcast, the largest cable TV provider in the US, has made an offer to beat Murdoch's. Read More >>

What Will Happen Now That Disney Basically Owns Hulu?

Walt Disney Co. has agreed to buy the bulk of 21st Century Fox’s holdings in a $52.4 billion deal. While the changing future of the Marvel Universe and the movie landscape, in general, is big news, this deal also changes the entire calculus of streaming services. Disney is now the proud majority owner of Hulu, and the soon to be overlord of premium streaming. Read More >>

Fox Looks Like the Future For James Murdoch-Led Sky

James Murdoch has returned to Sky as chairman, four years after standing down in the wake of the News of the World phone-hacking scandal. His appointment has triggered talk of a takeover, with US broadcaster Fox believed to be intent on snapping up a majority share. Read More >>

Murdoch Hints at Tits-Free Future for The Sun’s Page 3

Rupert Murdoch has dictated another tweet to his secretary, once again tackling the difficult subject of the Page 3 Stunner. He said he thinks the paper's controversial topless pics are "old fashioned" before pondering the ageless question: "Aren't beautiful young women more attractive in at least some fashionable clothes?" making it sound as if the tits-away order may be about to be issued to The Sun. [Twitter] Read More >>

Murdoch Says Google’s Worse Than the NSA

Crazy Grandpa Rupert Murdoch is busy shouting into his computer mouse again, this time comparing Google with the NSA -- and suggesting Google's the bigger villain. "NSA privacy invasion bad, but nothing compared to Google" is the legacy media man's opinion du jour. [The Register] Read More >>

James Murdoch Calls It Quits as Sky Chairman Over News International’s Hacking Scandal

Rupert Murdoch’s son, James, has stepped down as BSkyB’s chairman over the News International hacking scandal that’s been raging for the last couple of months, which has Murdoch smack-bang in the middle of it. Read More >>

News Corp Hacked ITV Digital Out of Business in the UK Pay-TV Wars (Updated)

Blimey, the hacking scandal swirling around News Corp. seems to be getting worse and worse each week. Phone jacking wasn’t the only thing Murdoch’s cronies used hackers for; they also used them to leak digital subscription access codes to Sky's pay-TV competitor ITV Digital, inducing the widespread piracy that forced it out of business. Read More >>

The Times Opens its Paywall to Android Tablets

UK paper The Times has added another prong to its multimedia attack, with a version of its mobile app now available specifically for owners of Honeycomb Android tablets. Read More >>