MIT’s New Plastic Muscles Could Bring Us One Step Closer to a Real-Life Westworld

We strive to make robots in our own likeness because, as far as we can tell, humans are best adapted to deal with our world. And thanks to researchers at MIT, who’ve found a way to use cheap, nylon plastic as an artificial muscle, we’re now one step closer to creating artificial humans—and opulent fantasy theme parks. Read More >>

The Freaky Artificial Muscles on this Human Skeleton Are the Future of Robotics

Using pneumatic pistons and servos to power robots makes them fast and strong, but also bulky and extremely heavy. No one is going to mistake ATLAS for a real human being. To eventually create humanoid-looking robots like the Terminator we need to mechanically replicate every part of the human anatomy — starting with the muscles. Read More >>

How Anabolic Steroids Make You Stronger — and How They Destroy You

The quick and dirty route to gaining strength is to take some kind of anabolic steroid. These drugs actually trick the body into building up muscle mass and endurance — but they can also age you far beyond your years. Read More >>

First Ever Lab-Grown Muscle That Can Heal Itself in Living Creatures

Anyone who's ever torn a muscle will be grateful for that fact that the fibres can repair themselves. But now, researchers have developed lab-grown muscle that can achieve the exact same thing. Read More >>

Berkeley Researchers Create Robo-Muscles 1,000 Times Stronger Than Ours

The world may be oohing and awing over all the wonderful uses we're finding for graphene, but there's another super-material vying for the spotlight. Vanadium dioxide might eventually become a household name because in addition to revolutionising electronics, researchers have now discovered it can be used as an artificial muscle 1,000 times stronger than our own. Read More >>

Skeleton Muscle Bot Brings I. Robot’s Future One Step Closer

Eerily reminiscent of the design of Sonny and the other NS-5s in I, Robot, Kenshiro is the University of Tokyo's latest attempt to create a humanoid robot that accurately mimics human movement. And the researchers there believe the best way to build an artificial human is to simply copy our anatomy, particularly our muscular and skeletal systems. Read More >>

Muscles Made From Wax-Filled Yarn Are Way Stronger Than Yours

The expansion and contraction of muscles keeps us alive every second of every day. Even though it's such a basic part of our existance, creating artificial muscles has proven to be a bit more complicated. That is, until now. Scientists have recently found what could be a good solution: yarn full of wax. Read More >>

Newly Discovered “Hulk” Protein Could Make You a Beefcake Without the Weights

So you want to be muscular, buff, ripped, but you don't want to have to work for it. Who does? Well here's some good news, researchers have identified a "Hulk" protein that could give you crazy muscle mass with no effort on your part. Read More >>

Team GB’s Latest Olympic Weapon — Battery-Operated Trousers

These technological trousers have been designed by Adidas, British Cycling and Loughborough University to assist the British cycling team. They don't help out with the big job of doing the pedalling, but they do warm the leg muscles a bit to keep the riders' impressive thighs at their peak power output level. Read More >>

Turns Out That Viagra Actually Makes Muscles Limp

While Viagra makes cavernous tissue hard, scientists at the Ruhr Universitat in Bochum, Germany, have now discovered that it can save lives too by causing the opposite effect: Viagra makes some heart muscles less stiff. Read More >>

A Genetic Tweak Could Hulk Out Your Muscles

Some frighteningly muscular mice and nematode worms are running and squirming around a laboratory in Switzerland where scientists have genetically manipulated the critters to be harder, faster and stronger. Read More >>