George Lucas Is Taking His Museum Away from Chicago

After a prolonged battle with San Francisco’s NIMBY empire, George Lucas announced two years ago that he would take his giant filmmaking museum project to the friendlier shores of Chicago. Now, after yet another long and protracted battle with Chicago’s NIMBYs, he’s abandoning his plans there, too. Read More >>

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Watch 130-Year-Old Samurai Armour Get Restored to a Pristine and Fearsome State 

Iki-ningyō are life-sized dolls that were primarily used in festivals and exhibitions in Japan. This one, which belongs to the Victoria and Albert Museum is estimated to have been made around 1880, shortly after the samurai class was outlawed. Read More >>

These Five Gadgets Are Now In MoMA’s Permanent Collection

A microcontroller. An experimental synthesiser. A kit for building game consoles. You can read about these things or buy them online, and you can even build them yourself. But starting this year, you'll also find them in arguably the most important modern art museum in the world. Read More >>

British Museum Wants to Rebuild Itself in Minecraft

The British Museum wants to bring itself to the sedentary gaming masses, by rebuilding the museum and all of its historical exhibits in the always-on world of Minecraft. Read More >>

A Man in a Tiny Booth Wrote a Song About My Whole Life in 30 Minutes

When I got invited to Custom Melodies by Eternal Lips, I was sceptical. It sounded like another painfully self-aware ode to irony, the kind of art that can't see straight for its own winking. Perhaps it is. But it was also one of the most genuinely sweet experiences I've had in NYC. Read More >>

China Shuts Down Museum Showing Thousands of Fake Artefacts

China is currently undergoing a huge boom in museums; 299 new ones have opened in the last year alone. And just like the US's own 20th century museum boom, which inspired cascades of forgeries, China's is bringing out the fakes: the government has shuttered one museum where a third of the 8,000 artefacts were fake. Read More >>

Britain’s Only Surviving WWII Submarine Has Been Turned Into This Awesome Living Museum

HMS Alliance, Britain's only surviving WWII-era submarine, has undergone a full modernisation to turn the old gal into a living museum, ready for the public to run amok in from this Thursday. Read More >>

London Post Office Railway Reopening as a Tourist Attraction in 2020

London's Islington council has approved plays by Royal Mail to turn part of its relatively unknown underground postal railway into a tourist attraction, with letter, train and tunnel nerds able to come together to enjoy travelling a remodelled part of the line by the year 2020. Read More >>

A London Museum Where Machines Push Everything to the Limit

The Kirkaldy Testing Museum in London was where materials were sent to die: to be tested to their breaking points, often pulverised, shattered, broken in two from sheer strain, punched clean through, or stretched—ripped and shredded—by hydraulics. Read More >>

Napalm Death No
Napalm Death Concert Cancelled Because It Could Literally Have Brought the House Down

When you hear about gigs bringing the house down, you kind of assume it's just figurative, not literal. But the curators of one of London's biggest museums, the V&A, had to cancel a planned heavy metal concert because the sheer decibels would have shaken the building to bits. Read More >>

What Do You Think Belongs in an Internet Museum?

Today, The Big Internet Museum is opening its figurative doors to, well, the Internet. Just like any museum, "wings" are divided into sections like Audio-Visual, Social Media, and Gaming, and temporary exhibits will be springing up from time to time. Entries range from logical (the invention of HTML) to the absurd (double rainbow guy seems a questionable web cornerstone). But every exhibit does at least share one thing: younger kids won't have any idea where these things came from. Read More >>

The Future of Britain Is a Design Fiction

The London Design Museum announced this week that from the 30th of January 2013, they'll be running an exhibition all about the future of high-tech Britain. The exhibition will be called 'United Micro Kingdoms: A Design Fiction,' and will imagine a Britain divided into four independent sub-states, "each free to experiment with governance, economy and lifestyle". Read More >>

Google’s Cultural Institute Is Now a Massive Online Museum

Google's Cultural Institute has had a shot in the arm, and is now host to a massive set of 42 online collections, which cover all manner of 20th and 21st century history. Read More >>

The Oatmeal Zaps Through Its Awesome Tesla Museum Funding Target

The Oatmeal just keeps getting more brilliant. After finding a talent for raising money for good causes, Matthew Inman took to saving Nikola Tesla's original lab, turning it into a goddamn museum. I'd say that's pretty freaking awesome, and considering it's already rocketed past its £540,000 target in just a few days, loads of others think so too. Read More >>

Cloud City: A Spectacular Sculptural Constellation of Mirrors and Steel

Yesterday, atop the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, artist and architect Tomas Saraceno debuted his most recent work: Cloud City. A spectacular sculptural constellation, Cloud City is a mirrored fun house of geodesic pods, open to the public, with a number of prime vantage points for taking in the expansive Manhattan skyline and greenery of Central Park. Read More >>