Scientists Cry Foul as Skeleton of Mystery Dino is Auctioned Off for £1.75 Million

Beneath the metallic frame of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the fossilised remains of an unknown species of dinosaur sold to an anonymous buyer earlier today for €2 million (£1.75 million). A group of scientists had tried to stop the sale, saying such an important scientific discovery shouldn’t fall to a private collector. Read More >>

Footballer’s Boots Enter British Museum’s Collection

A pair of football boots belonging to modern day goal scoring legend Mohamed Salah are being put on display in the British Museum, as the temple of the old things embraces something new and particularly lurid and plasticky. Read More >>

A World Tour of Lego Landmarks Will Kick Off in Scotland in June

Everyone loves Lego, except maybe a certain member of the Giz UK staff who shall remain nameless. We like building it, looking at it, gazing over how some of those amazing models at Legoland are made. Well now there's another chance to look at some incredible creations, with the Bricktropolis exhibition. It's set to tour the world, but it'll officially kick off at the Dick Institute in Kilmarnock (Scotland) on 7th June. Read More >>

Your Chance To Ride The Secret Undergound Mail Rail Has Just Arrived

An underground railway used from transporting mail from Paddington to Whitechapel for 75 years is to become a tourist attraction that people can ride from September. Part of the larger Postal Museum, Mail Rail will allow people to have a ride on a portion of the 6.5 mile track which operated until 2003. Read More >>

London Is Great And So Are Its Museums

So far 2017 has shown that London has an unbreakable spirit and is full of people who will do anything to help others. Even in its darkest hours there's overwhelming love in this city. And there's that bloke who wouldn't leave his pint behind in the wake of a terror attack (but with London prices you can hardly blame him). And it seems it's not just the people making London great, but also the culture. Read More >>

Digitising Museums is a Waste of Money, Says V&A Boss

The new head of London's glorious V&A museum looks like he's about to bin spending on digitising collections and creating apps, audio tours and other digital content, as he thinks the average museum punter isn't interested in any of it and would rather these places stay as unique non-digital quiet spaces. Read More >>

Australian Biosecurity Officers Just Destroyed an ‘Irreplaceable’ Plant Collection

A box of rare daisies dating back to the mid 19th century has been destroyed by Australian biosecurity officials after a paperwork mix-up. Upsettingly, it’s the second such incident to happen in Australia in recent months. Read More >>

Exclusive: Here’s What 3 Big Museums Learn By Tracking Your Phone

At least three of Britain’s most popular cultural institutions have been tracking visitors using the wifi on their phones, Gizmodo UK can exclusively reveal. Following a series of Freedom of Information Requests, the National Gallery and Natural History Museums in London, as well as the National Railway Museum in York, have all revealed that they have tested or deployed tracking software - which could conceivably help curators and managers make decisions. Read More >>

Museum Finds Real Human Skull in 150-Year-Old Taxidermy Display

For more than a century, the taxidermy diorama “Arab Courier Attacked by Lions” has stood in Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Depicting a man on camelback fending off Barbary lions, the bizarre display has intrigued—and repulsed—generations of visitors. Throughout all those years, however, the piece managed to keep a disturbing secret. Read More >>

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Watch How Fossils Get Cleaned and Prepared

Fossils don’t exactly come clean and ready to be displayed in museums. Obviously. They’re a mess because they’ve been in the ground for millions of years. So it’s the job for fossil preparators like Nathan Ong at the Natural History Museum of Utah to clean them up and make sure they end up looking all fossil-y Read More >>

Dippy to Plod Around the UK on Two-Year Mission

Dippy, the 84ft long Diplodocus skeleton cast that’s stood inside the London Natural History Museum’s Hintze Hall since 1979, is set to embark on a two-year tour of the UK beginning in 2018. Read More >>

Smithsonian Launches New Podcast About Technology, History, and Museums

Smithsonian has launched a new podcast called Sidedoor that takes listeners behind the scenes at the museums. The first episode, called Tech Yourself, looks at technology. And to be honest, the episode takes a while to get interesting. But it’s definitely worth a listen. Read More >>

Trying to See All the Art in All the Museums in London in One Day Looks Like a Fun Time

Okay, it’s probably hell if you actually tried it. Alex Gorosh visited 13 museums in London, saw more than 140,000 works of art, and walked more than 22 miles in one day in an attempt to see all the art there is to see in London. He didn’t even see more than one per cent of the art in the city. That’s because London has 92 museums, and more than 20 million works of art. Read More >>

The Original Starship Enterprise Has Been Restored to Its Former Glory

The original on-screen model for Star Trek’s USS Enterprise is back in action—as much as being on display in a museum can be “action” for a spaceship. But after a long process of restoration, the ship has finally been made available for public viewing again, just in time for the show’s 50th anniversary. Read More >>

This is Why You Don’t Touch Things in Museums

There’s a reason for why museums have signs saying not to touch the objects on display. Some visitors to the National Watch & Clock Museum of Columbia, Pennsylvania, learned that the hard way. Read More >>