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‘Now That’s What I Call Music!’ is Still a Thing and is Launching a Free Streaming Service

If anyone is old enough to remember when you had to buy curated music compilations rather than streaming whatever the bloody hell you like whenever the fancy takes you, you'll remember Now That's What I Call Music!. Rather than disappearing into the annals of history, it's still alive and kicking - well, twitching at least - with a music streaming service. Read More >>

Of Course Spotify is Charging Artists to Promote Their Music to You

In an effort to boost ad sales and generate more revenue, Spotify is reportedly exploring a handful of ways to charge artists and labels for access to listeners – including by asking them to pay up to promote their music. RIP to your organic music recommendation playlists. Read More >>

Music Streaming Jumped to 80% of the U.S. Market by the End of the Decade

Music streaming made a killing this decade as far as western market domination – and more and more users are willing to pay for it too, according to statistics from the Recording Industry Association of America. Read More >>

Sorry, Google Play Music, YouTube Music Is Now Android’s Default Player

It looks like Google’s dessert-themed naming scheme isn’t the only thing getting replaced with Android 10. YouTube Music is kicking Google Play Music aside as Android’s prepackaged music player, YouTube announced on Friday. The app will come bundled with all devices launching with Android 10. Read More >>

Here’s the Secret Way to Listen to Apple Music in Your Browser Right Now

Apple Music has found a home in your web browser—sort of. On Sunday, a Reddit user discovered that if you log into the Apple Music tool for marketers with your Apple ID, the site will play full versions of songs instead of just the previews you might have previously seen on the web. The site also lets you search through the complete Apple Music catalogue. Overall, it functions like a slightly confusing, yet still pretty useful web client for Apple Music. Read More >>

Is Free Spotify Really Worth It?

Spotify just revamped its free tier, which means you get more than ever before without actually having to pay anything—(some) on-demand playlists on mobile, unlimited skips (on a few playlists), and personalised recommendations to more accurately reflect your tastes. So does it make Spotify Premium a waste of money? Read More >>

Spotify Now Gives Students A Free Subscription To A Mental Health App

If you've got a Spotify Premium For Students subscription, you now get a freebie: a subscription to meditation, mindfulness and happiness app Headspace. Read More >>

These Are The Tracks You Need On Your St Patrick’s Day Playlist, Says Spotify

Spotify has found the top 10 Irish tracks used in St Paddy's Day playlists in Ireland, for purists who want to ensure their cultural appropriation has as much authenticity as possible: Read More >>

Tinder Now Helps You Swipe Left on Nickelback Fans Before It’s Too Late

Music is an important indicator of a person’s character. I refuse to date anyone who regularly listens to Dave Matthews Band, for example, because Dave Matthews Band is terrible. But sometimes you don’t discover this important information until it’s too late, and then you’re stuck on a lame date with someone who has awful taste in music. Read More >>

Tidal Lost a Lot of Money in 2015

Tidal, the Swedish subscription music service that rapper Jay-Z purchased last year, more than doubled its losses in 2015. Read More >>

Five Essential Spotify Add-Ons For Music Addicts

Spotify, the original titan of the music streaming world, is packed with plenty of great music — but there are still plenty of third party add-ons that can enhance the original app even further. Here are some of our favourite utilities for doing more with Spotify and taking your streaming to the next level. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Music Launches in the UK (But Only Has a Million Songs)

Amazon has today set its Amazon Prime Music service loose in the UK, after launching in the US back in June. Though a music streaming service similar to Spotify and Apple Music, it's taking a slightly different approach to its established rivals. Read More >>