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Trippy Video Uses 3D Printing and Stop-Motion Animation to Make a Statue Sing

Here’s a really cool music video that uses 3D printing, stop-motion animation, and projection mapping to make a model come alive to sing a song. It’s a especially trippy, because it’s like seeing a statue start talking out of nowhere. Read More >>

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This Stock Footage Music Video Is a Living Nightmare I Can’t Unsee

Usually a music video conveys something about an artist’s worldview. In this case, we can infer that the members of Tame Impala are successful businesspeople with limited control over their emotions. Read More >>

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The Hoverboards Have Won 

Missy Elliott has a new video for her excellent comeback single “WTF (Where They From).” In it, she rides around on an auto-balancing skateboard. Read More >>

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Ah, Looks Like the Acid’s Finally Kicking In

David Lynch, famed director of iconic Hollywood films like Eraserhead and Dune, is also a kickass musician. Here, he's put his madleet remixing skills to work, reimagining Ultraísta's afrobeat-infused electronica single, "Strange Formula." He didn't touch the video though, it was that psychedelic when he got there. Read More >>

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This Trippy Animated Video is a Roller Coaster Through the Internet

Austin Motion Artists Group's computer-animated space warp is the grooviest three minutes you'll witness today. It's positively mesmerising. Read More >>

Everyone Who Records Video on Their Phone Needs to Follow This Rule

I understand that when you take a picture or video with your phone, it makes a lot of sense to hold your phone upright. It's more comfortable! It's totally natural! And though Instagram has helped fix portrait mode pictures by squaring them off, we still haven't solved the portrait video problem. It's awful to watch videos like that. Anyone who does it is just an idiot. Read More >>

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How Many of These Viral YouTube Videos Did You Watch?

For YouTube's comedy week, Dane Boe created this music video 'We Didn't Star the Viral' (riffing off Billy Joel's We Didn't Star the Fire) that recaps pretty much all the viral videos that became infamous on YouTube over the last 8 years. You know the usual suspects: Keyboard cat, Star Wars kid, evolution of dance, Charlie bit my finger and oh so much more. Can you recognise them all? Did you watch them all? [Dane Boe via Neatorama] Read More >>

Why Is YouTube Censoring David Bowie’s SFW New Music Video?

Here we go again. After Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video was pulled from YouTube last month, David Bowie's latest video from his new album "The Next Day" has been pulled from YouTube for violating the site's Terms of Service as pointed out by Billboard. But it's unclear why for a number of reasons. Read More >>

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Music Video Uses Three Projectors and a Blank Room To Make Your Holodeck Fantasies Come True

If Star Trek: The Next Generation was any indication, we're still hundreds of years away from actual holodeck technology that lets us travel the world without ever leaving home. But a music video for a Belgian group called Willow comes pretty close to recreating the experience using nothing but a triad of video projectors. Read More >>

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A Musical Thank You Note to the Racists, Misogynists, and Scumbags of the Internet

The rubbish dump of internet commenting can destroy your faith in humanity real fast, but really, the trolls are just trying to be helpful! Here is a thank you card to all the haters. Read More >>

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Nokia’s Lumia Rap Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Music, Gadgets, and the World (Update: ROGUE MARKETING?)

Nokia. Nokia, Nokia. You were doing things well. You made a smartphone that was well received, and looked nothing like an iPhone. People liked it. People are buying it. And then you created a video parody of Rack City. Nokia... Read More >>

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I’d Have Never Thought That Massacring Board Games Would Make For an Awesome Music Video

There's something so cringe worthy, yet utterly fascinating about watching classic board games from my childhood like Battleships; Scrabble; Connect 4, and even the seminal Hungry, Hungry Hippos, get smashed to bits and remixed into a stop-motion music visualizer. Feast your eyes on this inspired, yet truly demented music video by British director Ian Robertson. Read More >>

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Watch OK Go’s New Orchestral Stunt Driving Music Video

Last week we showed you a quick preview of OK Go's new video for "Needing/Getting", and now here's the full monty, compiled from a literal drive-by of 1157 homemade instruments of melodic Rube Goldberg goodness. Read More >>

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Watch a Music Video of LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem Ridiculously Made with MS Paint

Like the hilarious Chris Brown Look at Me Now video before it, this music video of LMFAO's played too much Party Rock song is made completely with MS Paint. What's even better is that every lyric is literally interpreted so you'll see drawings of a rock with a party hat on inside a house when LMFAO goes, "Party rock is in the house tonight..." I love these video so much. [YouTube] Read More >>

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Watch a Music Video of Chris Brown’s Look at Me Now Hilariously Made with MS Paint

Tell me the first thing that pops in your head when I say: yellow bottle sipping, shit look like a toupee and suicide doors. Got it? Now watch this MS Paint-created music video of Chris Brown's Look at Me Now. It literally translates the lyrics into MS Paint graphics. I can't stop laughing. [BuzzFeed] Read More >>