YouTube Plans to ‘Frustrate and Seduce’ Users Into Paying for Music Subscriptions

YouTube, the world largest video streaming platform, wants you to start paying money to watch Kendrick Lamar’s latest music video—and to force the issue, you’ll start seeing a lot more advertisements between specifically music videos. Read More >>

augmented reality
The First Great iPhone App Grows Up

The very first iPhone apps were universally dull. And then Bloom came out. Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers built the app and released it just a few months after Apple opened the App Store in July 2008. It was immediately obvious that something special was happening. The app was interesting on an artistic level, one that made you reconsider the relationship between technology and music. And my God, these two have done it again with augmented reality. Read More >>

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If the Wait for Ready Player One is Too Long, Try This Music Video Instead

Who has the patience to wait for a movie adaptation anymore, anyway? That’s tired. But music video adaptations of books that are also being adapted into film? That’s wired. Welcome to the music oasis. (It’s the OASIS.) Read More >>

Bitcoin Cash Has Its Own Rap Song Now, and We’re All the Poorer for It

The upstart virtual currency associated with Infowars guest Roger Ver now has an anthem, and it seems we have Canada to thank for it. After Japan’s foray into blockchain-inspired music with a cryptocurrency-themed pop idol group, it was only a matter of time Read More >>

star wars
Who Would Make a Good Composer For The Upcoming Star Wars Movies?

We know two things for sure about Star Wars movies. First, there’s going to be a lot more of them. And second, John Williams won’t be composing the music for all of them. Read More >>

You Need to Hear the Unreal Sound of a Snare Drum In an Abandoned Nuclear Cooling Tower

Those giant, curvy, concrete towers that rise above nuclear power plants aren’t only useful for cooling superheated water. Once decommissioned, the massive structures can also be used to naturally create amazing sounds and effects when playing instruments inside them. Read More >>

Spotify is Officially Going Public, CEO Says it Will Now Be Some Kind of Global Cultural Nexus or Something

Stockholm-based streaming giant Spotify finally made it official and filed documents for its much-rumored plans to go public on the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday, pursuing the unusual option of a direct listing instead of a traditional IPO. Read More >>

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I Feel Like I’m a Part of This Jazz Band Captured With a Depth-Sensing Microsoft Kinect Camera 

Microsoft’s Kinect, the depth-sensing, motion-tracking technology, might be dead as a product, but the hardware lives on, and is being used for far more than just video games now. This experimental film by Marcin Nowrotek mixes 3D footage of jazz musicians with 3D animations to create a music video where the musicians almost appear to leap off your screen. Read More >>

Artificial Intelligence Directed a Music Video and the Results Will Melt Your Eyes

Even if you don’t care for the actual song, the music video for Hardcore Anal Hydrogen’s track Jean-Pierre is a visual feast, taking advantage of several recent breakthroughs in artificial-intelligent image processing that’s quickly gone from creating nightmares, to revolutionising how modern visual effects are created. Read More >>

Pizza Express Offers a Trumpet Solo With That

Pizza Express, the place that does food of a sort, is trying to become Pizza Express, the place that does food and is a home for live music, as it tries to convince humanity that hiding at home on the internet and having a man bring you everything to eat in a carton is not the only way to live. Read More >>

Sheeran Wants to Sheeran-ise Eurovision Next

Ed Sheeran has noticed somewhere currently mostly free of Ed Sheeran that he thinks might benefit from having an Ed Sheeran injection — Eurovision. Read More >>

Glastonbury Could Ban Plastic Bottles in 2019

The organiser of the Glastonbury festival, which is having a year off this year for the sake of the grass, says that one of the pet projects being worked on right now is a possible ban on all plastic bottles in time for the event's return in 2019. Read More >>

This Featurette Takes a Close Look at Black Panther’s Stunning Score

The music for Black Panther is something else. A synthesis of big-budget film orchestration and African-inspired instrumentation, it’s as compelling a creation as the film itself. In this featurette, its composer shows the process that gave it birth. Read More >>

Man Redefines Horror By Building a Singing Furby Organ

As if the fear of a looming nuclear war wasn’t enough, Sam Battle, the hacker-musician behind the YouTube channel Look Mum No Computer, hacked together 44 Furby toys to build the world’s first (and hopefully last) singing Furby organ, introducing a whole new element to your nightmares. Read More >>