Man Redefines Horror By Building a Singing Furby Organ

As if the fear of a looming nuclear war wasn’t enough, Sam Battle, the hacker-musician behind the YouTube channel Look Mum No Computer, hacked together 44 Furby toys to build the world’s first (and hopefully last) singing Furby organ, introducing a whole new element to your nightmares. Read More >>

Paul Allen’s Got Licks!

Legendary producer and arranger Quincy Jones has worked with everyone from Dizzy Gillespie to Michael Jackson, and he’s old enough now (almost 85!) not to give a shit about saying what, for non-legendary folks in a cutthroat, moribund industry, could be a career-ending gaffe. Various revelations from an interview published in Vulture this week include: Read More >>

This Browser Tool Lets You Remix Spotify’s Recommendation Algorithm

A new browser tool lets Spotify Premium users fool around with the music streaming platform’s famous recommendation algorithm. Arielle Vaniderstine, an engineer at the company, posted a link to Glitch on Monday of a beta build of the tool. Read More >>

The Spice Girls May be Reuniting. God Help us All

Good. God. As a collective species, what have we done to deserve this? Well, plenty. Still, as much as humanity sucks, we don't quite deserve a Spice Girls reunion... though we're getting one anyway. Read More >>

Of Course HomePod Will Only Support Apple-Owned Audio Services

Apple's HomePod is a little late to the smart speaker party, particularly compared to Amazon and Google, but it sounds like that's the least of the devices issues. Not only is it rather expensive, Apple's come out and revealed that the speaker won't be supporting any third-party audio services. Read More >>

7 Apps You Should Ditch iTunes For

As iTunes creaks and wheezes its way into its 17th year of existence, for a lot of music lovers it’s fallen from favour as the go-to application for managing a local library and cranking out the tunes. If you’re looking for something that can provide a simpler, more intuitive way of playing music from your computer, we’ve got some excellent suggestions. Read More >>

Why You Should Still Be Buying Digital Downloads

Music streaming is the future, apparently, which means the digital download had a bright and brief existence—lasting from the end of the 1990s to (presumably) the end of the 2010s. But before you erase all your carefully collected MP3s from the disk and close down the iTunes Store for the last time, we’ve got some very good reasons why you shouldn’t. Read More >>

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This Trippy Music Video Is Made of 3D Fractals

What you’re watching isn’t organic, but a computer-generated visualisation of complex mathematics. It’s a three-dimensional fractal. Read More >>

Lost £30,000 Violin Returned to Owner by Cash Converters

One particular branch of Cash Converters has spectacularly failed to convert an item into a massive amount of cash, but it's OK. It was for a good cause. Read More >>

The Smiths Sort of Reform But Without the Problematic One

Some men will be standing on a stage calling themselves an approximation of The Smiths again this year, although, with the best will in the world, it's not quite the blockbuster reunion the music world both desperately wants and also doesn't really want at all. Read More >>

Radiohead’s People Say They’re Actually Being Nice About Creepgate

Radiohead's publisher has come out in defence of its stance on the copyright case outed by singer Lana Del Rey, countering her much-publicised claim that she's being sued by the band by saying that "no lawsuit has been issued" in the case. Read More >>

Report: Spotify Has Confidentially Filed to Go Public

It’s been a whirlwind over the past few years as big tech unicorns continue to leave private waters to seek out that lucrative public money. According to Axios, the latest company to join those ranks is Spotify, which reportedly filed for an IPO sometime during the end of December. Read More >>

Music “Consumption” Rose 9.5 Per Cent Last Year

The BPI has collated some year-end numbers that show the UK's music industry is in good health thanks largely to the Sheeran Effect, with music "consumption" — the purchasing of physical or streaming of virtual albums —up by 9.5 per cent to 135.1 million records last year. Read More >>

Children’s Band Class Is Way Better With Vocoders, Drum Machines, and Daft Punk

When I was a kid, the only reason I took band class in school was to avoid spending two hours in study hall every week. My motivations would have been completely different, however, were I raised in South Korea where fourth graders get to perform Daft Punk tracks instead of Sousa’s greatest hits. Read More >>

The Monster Mash Guy Rushed Out a Christmas Version of the Song in 1962 and It’s Super Weird

Every year around Halloween, you can’t turn on the radio without hearing the novelty song “Monster Mash.” Released by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers in August 1962, it was such an instant hit that Pickett rushed out a Christmas version of the song called “Monsters’ Holiday” by December of that same year. Read More >>