The Incredible Old-School iTunes Feature I Hope Apple Doesn’t Kill

Time is moving on, as it tends to do, and iTunes—a media suite that made its debut in 2001, almost two decades ago—is potentially on Apple’s chopping block. This year’s macOS refresh has been being tipped to feature separate apps for TV, music, podcasts, and ebooks, with iTunes maybe hanging around, Internet Explorer-style, for legacy purposes. It feels like the right move, but there’s one iTunes feature worth saving. Read More >>

Spotify Opens London R&D Site and Needs 300 New Staff

All those £9.99s a month we pay to stream the same seven songs we used to like in the 1990s are being reinvested in the London job scene, with streaming kingpin Spotify opening its expanded London R&D site this week -- and it needs masses of fresh, intelligent, management-grade meat to sit at all the lovely new desks. Read More >>

Streaming Music Shamed for its Inadvertent Carbon Output

Just when you think you're doing the right thing by not buying lumps of plastic that say "Foo Fighters" on them, it turns out that modern streaming is every bit as polluting as legacy forms of physical music. Read More >>

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Enjoy the Game of Thrones Theme Played by an Army of Obsolete Computing Gadgets

If you’ve been online, watched TV, read a magazine, or even popped to the shop to buy Oreos, you’re painfully aware that the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones gets underway this weekend. What better way is there to prepare for the inevitable death of your favourite character than by humming along with the series’ catchy theme song played on discarded technology that would seem like sorcery to the people of Westeros? Read More >>

TikTok Launches Programme For Discovering Rising Stars, and Possibly Exploiting Their Music

Most TikTok posts contain music. Whether the video shows a user performing a short comedy skit, a meme, cosplay, or a weird art piece—there’s usually music playing. The platform was originally designed as a lip-synching app and it encourages every video to be uploaded with a song or sound bite. Read More >>

Amazon’s Giving New Customers Three Free Months of Amazon Music Unlimited

Services are big business, as you could tell because Apple had a whole press conference devoted to all of its new digital-only products. Amazon is the same, and it's always trying to entice people into signing up for stuff by offering free trials. The latest is another opportunity to get three free months of Amazon Music Unlimited, provided you haven't used the service before. Read More >>

We Regret to Inform You Elon Musk Has Released a Rap Single About Harambe

If there’s something absolutely no one other than Elon Musk woke up this weekend thinking, it is “Elon Musk should release a rap single about Harambe, the tragically slain gorilla that became a meme nearly three years ago, after which said meme subsequently got treaded into the ground, and more than a few people began noting it might actually have been kind of racist.” Unfortunately, that is what he did, because Elon must. Read More >>

7 Perfectly Fine Songs Made Scary by Horror Films

If you’ve seen Us, you’ve had Luniz’s “I’ve Got 5 on It” stuck in your head ever since. Though it’s initially framed in a lighthearted context, the song becomes a crucial component in the movie’s escalating dread. Using an upbeat song to craft a creepy mood in a horror movie is not a new technique—but it rarely fails to freak us out. Here are seven songs we avoid listening to in the dark. Read More >>

Spotify Has a Couples’ Subscription on the Way

Spotify is testing a subscription package for couples in Ireland, which annoyingly is called Premium Duo and not Premium Duet. Read More >>

Peloton Pissed Off Music Execs And Now It Might Have To Pay Out £114 Million

This week, Peloton got a nasty surprise in the form of a $150 million (£114 million) lawsuit from the US National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA). The suit alleges that for years, the high-end fitness tech company has neglected to pay royalties to songwriters behind more than 1,000 songs for the music heavily featured in its classes. Read More >>

This Clever Hack Will Change the Way You Find Music on Spotify

My favourite thing about Spotify has always been music discovery. So when the company started building personalised playlists like Discovery Weekly and Release radar, I was hooked. The only problem was listening to all the new music takes forever. But an independent project from a couple of Spotify developers offers an amazing hack for exploring millions and millions of songs. They call it Discover Quickly. Read More >>

Piped Classical Music Makes Train Station Troublemakers Behave

Regional rail franchisee TransPennine Express is experimenting with playing classical music in Hull train station, after a previous trial that saw the classics played over the speakers at Cleethorpes station reduced levels of antisocial behaviour by either calming the perpetrators or sending them home in disgust. Read More >>

Music Writer From 1999 Predicts What Bands Will Still Be Around in 2019

What musicians that you enjoy today will still be around in 20 years? It’s tough to say. But the good people of 1999 tried to predict just that in an article that might raise a few eyebrows here in the year 2019. Read More >>

Don’t Panic — the Rewind Button is Coming Back to Spotify

For reasons known only to themselves, Spotify recently removed the rewind (or 'go back a track') button from their app. How are we supposed to listen to 'This Song's Gonna Get Stuck Inside Your Head' over and over without it? Read More >>

Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Musical Episode is Finally Getting the Vinyl Release it Deserves

Everyone loves classic musicals. Music Man. Singin’ in the Rain. That one episode of Buffy. Read More >>