Led Zeppelin Climbing the Stairway to Appeals Court

The long-running case between Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and the estate of fellow 60s rocker Randy Wolfe is about to be kicked back into life again, despite appearing to end a couple of years ago. Read More >>

Led Zeppelin May be Launching a Streaming Service for Some Reason

Healthy competition is always a good thing, especially in the world of streaming where it can be far too easy for one or two companies to come out dominating the market for one reason or another. What isn't so sensible is launching a streaming service for the sake of it, which seems to be happening to Led Zeppelin. If trademark filings are to be believed the band will be launching one some time before the end of the year. All I have to ask is why? Read More >>

Spotify Prepares to Let Anyone Upload Their DIY Acid Bangers

Spotify is making plans to fill one of the more gaping holes in its streaming offering, with a trial about to see it allow so-called indie musicians and their run-by-a-mate record labels self-publish on the platform. Hence anyone may soon be able to become a GarageBand streaming celebrity. Read More >>

If You Hate Your Eyes, You Can Now Watch Video Recorded on a Vinyl Record

There’s a case to be made that audio on an analogue medium like a vinyl record can sound better, at least in some aspects, than a digital music file. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about video. Alas, a company called Supersense now sells the hardware you need to enjoy an analogue video experience again—but do you really want to? Read More >>

The Sound Engineer Behind Star Trek: The Motion Picture And Tron Has Passed Away

Frank Serafine, a respected sound engineer and composer with a wide-ranging career in film, has died at age 65. Read More >>

Paul Oakenfold DJs to His Mates at Stonehenge

Living 1990s DJ relic Paul Oakenfold was granted permission to play a set right next to the hallowed ancient circle of Stonehenge, his orange coat illuminated by the sunset as he bashed out a few tunes for the benefit of 50 invited guests. Read More >>

Ed Sheeran Lands Part in New Danny Boyle Film

Ed Sheeran is about to make a proper move into ack-ting after his one-off cameo in Game of Thrones, with the popular* singer taking on a larger role in a future production by short-lived Bond director and honorary 2012 Olympian Danny Boyle. Read More >>

These Newly Released Demos Offer An Early Glimpse into the Sounds of Twin Peaks 

The most important building block of Twin Peaks might be its opening theme. Eerie and wistful, it captures all the contradictory impulses of the show in just a few notes. Read More >>

Spotify, Fix Your Crooked Logo—It’s Driving Me Nuts

The Spotify logo is tilted. It took me entirely too long to know this for sure. Read More >>

Watch Michael Jackson’s Classic ’80s Sci-Fi World in This Rough Cut of Captain EO

When I was a kid, my favourite movie in the world was 1985's Captain EO. Yes, the 17-minute Michael Jackson sci-fi fantasy played at the Disney theme parks, but it also made an appearance on TV. My parents recorded it on VHS for me, and I honestly wore out the tape rewatching it so many times. And if you loved the movie as much as me, you should get excited. We now have some never-before-seen insights into the making of this Francis Ford Coppola-directed classic. Someone has uploaded a rough cut of the film to YouTube. Read More >>

Rod Stewart Finally Embarrassed by Leopard Skin Chair at Age 73

Rod Stewart's having a clear out of all the trappings of fame he's acquired over the past innumerable, interminable decades, with a local auction house about to shift a load of his unwanted classic and more gaudy modern furniture items, as he's moving house. Read More >>

The Only Known Sound in Space Is This ‘Singing’ Black Hole

Everyone knows there is no sound in space. After all, a sound wave requires a medium, like air or water, to travel through, and space is mostly a vacuum. But in studying a nearby galaxy cluster, astronomers detected a true occurrence of sound in space – and in this case, the incredibly deep sound was coming from a black hole. Read More >>

What Caused Carnegie Hall to Lose Its Famous Acoustics in 1986?

In May 1986, the venerated Carnegie Hall concert venue in New York City shut down for 30 weeks of major repairs. The beautiful music hall had hosted legends including Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Judy Garland, Duke Ellington, Ray Charles, Sarah Vaughan, and The Beatles, but after nearly 100 years, the building was in serious need of renovations. Read More >>

Music Piracy is Down in the UK, According to YouGov

The past few years has seen an explosion in different ways to access media content easily and legally. While piracy hasn't disappeared completely, multiple studies have shown levels of piracy have fallen over the past few years suggesting some people have been adopting legal sources instead of doing everything illegally. Now the latest YouGov study has found fewer British people are pirating their music compared to five years ago. Read More >>

Data Analysts Say Paul McCartney is Exaggerating His Role in One Beatles Song

Researchers using data and computers think they know better then the actual memory of a man who's still alive, and are telling Paul McCartney that he "misremembers" a key part of Beatles history. Read More >>