Prince’s Trousers and Shoes Aired in Public Today

Today sees the opening of an exhibition called My Name is Prince in London's O2 Arena, a chance to celebrate the life and career of -- and poke around the clothes of -- the American musical polymath. Read More >>

Watching Strings Vibrate While This Guitarist Plays is Delightfully Calming

By mounting a small camera looking out the sound hole of his guitar, musician Alan Gogoll was able to capture the oscillating wave patterns as each string was plucked. The result is a performance that’s as captivating to watch as it is to hear. Read More >>

Microsoft Gives Up on Its Groove Music Service, Says to Use Spotify Now

Spotify inched a little closer to owning the whole music streaming market yesterday. Microsoft announced that its own subscription streaming service, Groove, will be mothballed and that it’s arranged a partnership to move you Groove-lovers into a safe zone with all your tunes. Read More >>

Craig David Declared the UK’s Unofficial Figurehead for Malware

Boring old computer security company McAfee has managed to associate itself with some celebrities today, revealing the famous names who are used to lure unsuspecting streamers and downloaders to malware-ridden sites. Read More >>

Radiohead & Hans Zimmer Team up for the BBC’s Blue Planet II

Really quite wildly differing musical artists Radiohead and Hans Zimmer have both signed up to provide a tune for the BBC's latest nature phenomenon, with undersea delight Blue Planet II set to benefit from their music. Read More >>

Whoops, Spotify’s Web Player No Longer Works on Apple’s Safari Browser

Music streaming service Spotify no longer officially supports Apple’s Safari browser, and Safari users who attempt to access it say they are being redirected to use another browser or download Spotify’s desktop client. Read More >>

Martin Shkreli is Selling his One-of-a-Kind Wu-Tang Clan Album on eBay

Remember Martin Shkreli? That big-pharma CEO who seemed to be doing his absolute best to become the least-liked person in human history is back. Though this time it's not with any sort of behaviour that might anger large groups of people. The opposite actually, because he's selling his one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album on eBay. Read More >>

B&O Play’s E8 Wireless Earbuds are Pint-Sized In-Ear Fashion

I've lusted after the perfect pair of properly wireless in-ear headphones for a long time now. The Jabra Elite Sport are my current favourites, but they might soon be dethroned: B&O Play has a new set of wireless 'buds that promise the best sound in their class while also lookin' pretty darn swish at the same time. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Music Unlimited for Students is Now Available for £5 a Month

Last week Amazon announced some new perks for its Prime Student subscription, which lets students subscribe to Prime for half the price. Now it's just revealed a new one, promising Prime Student subscribers a hefty discount on Prime Music Unlimited. Read More >>

How Teen Titans Go! Turned An Obscure Song Into A Billboard-Charting Hit

You might have heard “The Night Begins To Shine,” the rockin’ ‘80s-styled track that’s Cyborg’s favourite song on Teen Titans Go! Turns out, the story behind the song is almost as great as the song itself. Read More >>

Sony Legalises Remixes

n a rare instance of a record company doing the right thing, Sony became the first major label to legalise unofficial remixes and DJ mixes. It’s not like DJs were ever going to stop borrowing copyrighted samples for remixes. Remixes can’t be stopped! But now, finally, you’re going to start seeing more remixes on Spotify and Apple Music. Read More >>

Pineapples Banned from Main UK Festivals

The Reading and Leeds festivals have added a few items to the 2017 banned list, with the most unusual of all being the pineapple. But why? Because after loads of random drugs they may look like hand grenades? Are they considered blunt weapons? Is it some sort of crackdown on foodstuffs with a high glycemic index? Read More >>

Prince Purple is Now an Officially Recognised Colour

The particular blend of purple most favoured by legendary musician Prince is now on one official part of the colour spectrum, thanks to immortalisation in the professional charts administered by the colour guide experts at the Pantone Institute. Read More >>

Lemmy Gets an Evil Crocodile

Lemmy, former frontman of Motorhead, has been posthumously immortalised in the natural kingdom, with scientists naming a ferocious Jurassic-era crocodile after the growling hellraiser. Read More >>