back to the future
Back to the Future Gets Re-Imagined as a Musical

A Back to the Future musical is coming to London's West End in 2020, after its debut at the Manchester Opera House in February, where it'll run up until May 17. Read More >>

virtual reality
The Lion King in “VR” is The Most Thrilling and Nostalgic Thing You’ll See Today

If you’ve ever seen Disney’s The Lion King on the stage, you’re already quite aware that it’s a 360-experience in itself. But now you can get even closer to the magic from a centre stage view that’ll have you feeling like it’s the first time again. Read More >>

This Hilarious Song About Tumblr Pretty Much Sums Up the Entire Internet

If you use Tumblr, or Facebook, or Twitter, or any site like that, you'll know that they're all complete time sucks. Hopping onto Tumblr is especially dangerous because of all the rabbit holes you can crawl into — food, tasteful nudes, fashion, tasteful nudes, animated gifs, tasteful nudes, virally reblogged reblogs, and other stuff like tasteful nudes. It's like if each Tumblr post was singing for your attention. Read More >>

image cache
Awesome Photos of Musical Instruments’ Interiors Make Me Want to Live In Them

These macro photographies taken from the interior of actual music instruments make my head spin a bit. I would have never imagined the interior of musical instrument would look so beautiful and cozy. I would love to live in that violin. Read More >>