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Wearable Liquid Nitrogen Blasters Give You X-Men Powers Without the Mutation

For some reason every superpower has to come with a downside. The X-Men, for example, are rejected from society for being mutants. But why can’t it just be win-win? It turns out it can, you just need to be a mad scientist like Colin Furze, and build your superpowers yourself. Read More >>

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How Rare Are Your Physical Traits?

Did your parents ever tell you you were special when you were growing up? If you answered "no," that's depressing and we're sorry. But if you answered "yes," we have some good news: they probably weren't lying! At least when it comes to who you are on the outside—you know, the stuff that really matters. Read More >>

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This Chinese Mutant Boy Can See In the Dark

Colour me sceptical, but reports are coming out of China that a boy called Nong Youhui who has “bright blue eyes just like westerners”, can apparently see in the dark like a cat. He proved his prowess by taking a series of tests in near darkness, which had onlookers and reporters alike convinced. His eyes apparently reflect light like a cat’s do. Read More >>

Behold the Horrors of Mutant Taxidermy

How far must we go for art? Judging by the work of taxidermist/artist Enrique Gomez de Molina, holy crap very far. For using a hodgepodge of endangered animals for his work, homeboy is facing five years in jail. Beat that, Picasso! Read More >>